easy pasta recipe

Savour chicken-mushroom pasta

Pasta has fans among both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. So, try this variety recipe ..

fried rice
Irresistibly delicious burnt garlic fried rice
Enjoy egg hakka noodles for lunch
fried rice
Making garlic-egg fried rice is very easy

Make chicken chilli at home

Chicken chilli goes well with chapati and roti. Follow this recipe to make it at home. Ingredients Chicken: 350 grams (chopped ..


Hot and sweet Thai pineapple rice

Are you a fan of fried rice? Here is a hot and sweet Thai pineapple rice recipe that you can try. Ingredients Basmati rice: 250 ..

Chilly beef

Spice up your dinner with chilli-beef

Beef is a delicacy around many parts of the world. Keralites also love their beef. Here is a Chinese inspired recipe to make spicy ..


Make tomato ketchup right at home

Tomato ketchup is must for a wide variety of dishes, particularly snacks. It is a must have for making Chinese dishes as well. Most ..

Egg Manjoorian

Here is a mouth-watering Manjoorian for eggetarians

Manjoorian is the favourite dish of food lovers, especially vegetarians. Gopi Manjoorian made from cauliflower is available everywhere ..

chilly chiciken

Chili chicken made easy

Chili chicken is one of the most popular dishes in the country. Here is how to make it at home. Ingredients Boneless chicken: ..

Chicken lollipop

Chicken Lollipop

Chicken lollipop is a popular Indian Chinese cuisine made of a frenched chicken winglet. It is usually served hot with Szechuan sauce ..

honey souse

Honey Chicken

This juicy sweet and spicy dish will leave you craving for more after every bite. Ingredients Boneless chicken: 300g Garlic (smashed) ..

Chicken momoos

Chicken momoos

Shahida Moinudhin Kozhikode seashore will be immersed with foodies with the beginning of Mathrubhumi-GKSF-Parison Liberty ..

Green Rice

Green Rice

A mild and fragrant easy recipe, with basmati rice and green peas, the colourful combination is unbeatable. Basmati rice 1 1/2 ..

Blackberry cream pudding
Blackberry cream pudding to melt your heart
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