Idli is a one of the common traditional breakfast served in the southern part of India. As in any other case, you would see that in some families there would be family members who wouldn’t like Idli. But as grown ups we keep quiet and eat the breakfast or find another alternative for that day. But it turns into a sore headache when the resisting family member is our little ones (mini revolutionists).
I had made the idli batter ready for a week (its easy to make the idli batter in a batch and refrigerate it). Idli breakfast continued for two days without any problems. On the third day, the revolutionist inside my three-year-old decided to show up and refuse to have the idli breakfast. When I used to resist having idlis, my mom used to use the batter for idli and make dosa (kind of a pancake) for me. I was thinking I can use the same idea, but my three-year-old being from the “new Gen” that may not work here. 

So on that day with much effort, love, pleading I made my daughter have the idli. Next day I came up with a plan to present idli with a new look that she doesn’t realize that she is eating idli. Same way using different presentations I was able to successfully make her eat idli until the batter was over. This is the story behind the Idli art work I am presenting today.
Idli mother and daughter
Mother's face - Idli
Daughter's face - idli (if a small idli is not available, then use a small glass to make an outlie and cut it out)
Mother's Hair – Coconut Chutney
Daughter Hair – Coconut Chutney
Mother, daughter Hair Clip - sunflower seeds
Mother's Eyes - Blueberry
Daughter eyes - Strawberry
Daughter Eyebrows - Blueberry
Mother, daughter lips - Strawberry
Mother's palm - Blueberry
Daughter hands - Strawberry