Once again, its festive time with Christmas around the corner. Christmas is all about food, wine, stars, gifts and family get-together. Pineapple wine is a perfect beverage to greet the guests or to take a sip with the family.


pineapple winePineapple – 1.5 kilo

Sugar – 1.25 kilo

Boiled and cooled water – 2.25 litre

Yeast – 1.5 teaspoon

Wheat – a handful

Cinnamon – 1 piece

Clove – 3 nos


Wash pineapple properly and cut and remove the ends.

The spikes on the pineapple should be removed and not the outer skin fully. Cut the fruit into small pieces. Some of the pieces are crushed a little.

 In a ¼ cup warm water add half tea spoon sugar and yeast. Mix well and keep it covered for some time.

 In a porcelain jar of 5 litre capacity or a glass bottle of 5 litre capacity, add pineapple pieces, sugar, yeast, wheat, cinnamon, clove and water and tightly close the lid.

From next day on until seventh day on a daily basis, stir it using a wooden ladle and then close the lid tightly. The ladle should be washed and dried properly.

After seven days, it should be kept undisturbed for two weeks. Later, strain the wine into another bottle. Then keep it untouched for some days for it to become clear.

Once clear it can be served normally or chilled. With this amount of ingredients, 3.5 litres of wine will be obtained.