Israel winery uses Indian music to improve quality

Jerusalem: An organic winery perched on a hill surrounded by holm oaks and olive ..

Tomato lime soda
Refreshing tomato-lime soda
rose kulfi
Satisfy your craving for kulfi this rain season
food karakki chaya
Full Jar Soda out, Karakki Chaya in; Watch video

Beat the blazing sun with ball grape juice

Consuming fruits and fruit juices is very good for the body especially during the summer. Here is how to beat the blazing sun with ..

drinks to resist summer heat

Jeeva cooking workshop will teach you to make 51 natural drinks

Guruvayur: A workshop for cool drinks at ‘Arogya Raksha Camp’ in Guruvayur organised by Jeeva, an organisation that promotes ..

Mango smoothie

A simple mango smoothie to suffice your summer cravings

Mango is an amazingly refreshing sweet fruit available in surplus during the summers in Kerala. It’s used in its raw, ripe, as ..

pottu vellari

Chill out with ‘Pottu vellari’ juice this summer

Alappuzha: Fruit and juices have great demand in the scorching summer. In Alappuzha, ‘Pottu Vellari’ or Snap Melon is ..

iced tea

Cool down blazing summer evenings with iced tea

We all love our evening tea. However, with the temperature soaring higher than ever, hot tea is out of favour. But wait, here is iced ..


Beat the summer heat with watermelon shake

It is important to consume fruit juices in the summer to stay hydrated and avoid loss of fluids caused by the blazing sun. Watermelon ..

Seven colour tea

The Seven-Colour Tea: A hot attraction in Bangladesh

Dhaka: A unique seven-colour tea, offering varied flavours in a glass or cup, is now available in the Bangladesh capital Dhaka. ..

starfruit- hibiscus juice

Today let’s try homemade Bilimbi – Hibiscus juice

Most of our courtyards will have at least a bilimbi tree (Irumban puli or ilumban puli) and a hibiscus plant. Today let’s try ..

strawberry wine

Jamun Wine

Jamuns are arguably the best fruit with superior health benefits which helps to keep lifestyle-related diseases at bay. Checkout how ..

Watermelon juice

This summer, make Watermelon Juice in 5 different ways

Watermelons are mostly water, almost about 92 percent but rich in nutrients. Watermelon is the best way to keep summer heat at bay ..

Quick and easy banana flower vada (vazhakkoombu vada)
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