drinks to resist summer heat

Jeeva cooking workshop will teach you to make 51 natural drinks

Guruvayur: A workshop for cool drinks at ‘Arogya Raksha Camp’ in Guruvayur ..

Mango smoothie
A simple mango smoothie to suffice your summer cravings
pottu vellari
Chill out with ‘Pottu vellari’ juice this summer
iced tea
Cool down blazing summer evenings with iced tea
starfruit- hibiscus juice

Today let’s try homemade Bilimbi – Hibiscus juice

Most of our courtyards will have at least a bilimbi tree (Irumban puli or ilumban puli) and a hibiscus plant. Today let’s try ..

strawberry wine

Jamun Wine

Jamuns are arguably the best fruit with superior health benefits which helps to keep lifestyle-related diseases at bay. Checkout how ..

Watermelon juice

This summer, make Watermelon Juice in 5 different ways

Watermelons are mostly water, almost about 92 percent but rich in nutrients. Watermelon is the best way to keep summer heat at bay ..


Chandan Kesar Sharbat (Sandal Saffron Sharbat)

Kesar Chandan Sharbat is a soothing drink made from saffron and sandalwood. This exotic drink rejuvenates your senses. Ingredients ..

pineapple wine

Christmas special: Pineapple wine

Once again, its festive time with Christmas around the corner. Christmas is all about food, wine, stars, gifts and family get-together ..


Papaya Milkshake

This is a healthy and easy-to-make recipe at home. Will definitely be liked by all. Ingredients: Papaya cut into small pieces and ..

cold coffee

Let’s chill with a Cold Coffee

In the hot summer, we all enjoy a cool drink after a long trip to a forest range. Don’t you like to prepare a cold coffee without ..


Tender coconut sarbath

Consumption of water at regular intervals is the best way to tackle the searing heat. Healthy juices and beverages can be a tasty alternative ..

Masala soda

Say cheers with Masala Soda

Summer has arrived. Let's beat the heat with tasty and cool sharbats. Though packaged drinks are plenty in the market, the taste ..


Raw mango squash

Ingredients 1.Raw mangoes (Peeled off)- 1/2 KG 2.Sugar- 3/4 Kg 3.Citric acid- 1 teaspoon 4.Mango essence - 1/4 teaspoon 5.Green ..

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