Green smoothie

Try the ultimate green smoothie

This green smoothie might be the ultimate refreshing drink. Its healthy and tasty ..

Ginger tea
Spend lockdown days sipping Kahwa tea
Have you tried jackfruit seed-boost shake?
Tender coconut–plantain–tulsi shake packs double punch

Beat the heat with this VIP drink

Here is a drink fit for VIPs that has Ramacham roots, basil leaves and honey to beat the soaring heat. Ingredients Water: 4 glasses ..

Corona Beer

Now, coronavirus impacts demand for Corona Beer

New Delhi: Apart from economically impacting trade, tourism and aviation amongst other global sectors, novel coronavirus has an unlikely ..

pineapple punch

Beat the heat with pineapple punch

With mercury levels rising high in the day and dropping low at night, most of us have a torrid time adjusting to the climate. Here ..


Two special drinks to keep you cool and refreshed

Beating the heat is not an easy task. Here are two special drinks to keep you cool and refreshed all day long Hydrating coconut drink ..


Passion fruit-lime juice is a refresher for anyone at anytime

Ingredients Passion fruit: 3 nos (well ripe) Lemon juice: 1 tablespoon Sugar: 3 tablespoons Cold water: As per requirement ..


Israel winery uses Indian music to improve quality

Jerusalem: An organic winery perched on a hill surrounded by holm oaks and olive trees in Israell's biblical region of Galilee ..

Tomato lime soda

Refreshing tomato-lime soda

We all love to have that refreshing drink when coming home from a hard day’s work. Here is a simple recipe that will reenergise ..

rose kulfi

Satisfy your craving for kulfi this rain season

Kulfi is a favourite among food lovers. Even with the rain, that craving for kulfi will have to be satisfied. Check out the easy recipe ..

food karakki chaya

Full Jar Soda out, Karakki Chaya in; Watch video

After Full Jar Soda took Kerala by storm few months ago, another drink is trying to take over the reins as the most popular drink. ..

fuljar soda

Beware; Your full jar soda may not be as good as it seems

Kalpetta: The food safety department has started inspections after several complaints were received regarding full jar soda, the drink ..

Green smoothie
Try the ultimate green smoothie
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strawberry wine
Jamun Wine

Jamuns are arguably the best fruit with superior health benefits which helps to keep ..