Malayalam cinema has produced numerous talented actors who immortalised mother characters they have played. With the Mollywood film industry growing bigger, many young actors are entering the film field and have proved equally talented in donning the mother’s role.

Hannah RejiHannah Reji Koshy is one among the new faces of motherhood on the silver screen. Sharing her experience on her acting as mother of a school student in the just-released Biju Menon-starrer Rakshadhikari Baiju Oppu, the dentist-turned-model says she suddenly realised how tough it is to be a mother and homemaker at the same time.

The mom act

Being a single-child of her parents, always busy with her studies and modelling work, Hannah was not at all familiar with household works. Also being a city-girl, the 24-year-old actor was a complete stranger to the lifestyle of a homemaker in rural areas.

But when she was asked to fetch water from a well and grind the coconut on a traditional ‘ammikkallu’ (manual stone grinder) for the character 'Ajitha' in the movie, she realised acting a mother in real or reel life is extremely challenging.

“For a girl like me, who was born and brought up in a city like Kochi, the mother role in the movie was challenging. I decided to take it up as a challenge. From director Ranjan Pramod to Biju Menon, everyone helped me to overcome my inexperience in household work.”

Being homemaker is tough

At one scene, in which I was seen using the ‘ammikkallu’ to grind coconut and chilli, I accidently Hannah Rejirubbed my eyes when the director said ‘cut’. This incident may look very trivial, but it taught me how careful and conscious a mother or a homemaker have to be in their work. 

Talking about the child artiste, who acted as her daughter in the movie, Hannah said: “Nakshatra is just eight years younger than me. We shared a good rapport at the set and we used to play a lot when there is free time. At one point, Aju chettan (Aju Varghese) asked if we really are mother and daughter. We still remain in contact.

Getting into the skin of Ajitha

Hannah says she did a lot of homework for the mother role. “Ranjan sir wanted me to watch a few movies in which leading actresses of Malayalam have acted as mothers. Initially, all the crew were doubtful if I could really play a mother as I reached the shooting set in my casual wear –a jeans and top.

Hannah Reji
A scene from Rakshadhikari Baiju Oppu


The best mom

Asked who is her favourite mother character in Malayalam, she was quick to point out the mother-daughter chemistry in Achuvinte Amma, in which Urvasi and Meera Jasmine played the lead roles.

“If you ask me about the best mom in the world, it is my mother. For everyone, it is their own mom. We never used to celebrate Mother’s Day, but still, our relationship remained warm and loving,” she added.