Years ago, a girl was spotted by the media while she was going to school wading through a local path flooded with neck deep water. She was Sneha S. Nair from Haripad Pallippad. She was leading a group of school children through the flood water. The girl did not wait for much questions and moved.

After 8 years, the same girl was spotted at Maharajas College in Ernakulam. She started recollecting the faded episodes of her life. Her father died when their small house on a 3-cent plot was submerged in flood water. They had no place to bury his body and Sneha decided to leave the house with her mother. They shifted to a rented house. But Sneha was determined to live independently.

She opened a small shop under the shade of a banyan tree on the temple compound. She was determined to continue her studies. First she joined ITI to get a job as early as possible. When she realized that it was not possible, she went for nursing. But she had to quit that too. Finally, Sneha reached Maharajas College. She completed BA Politics and is now pursuing MA.

Sneha's shop under the banyan tree in temple compound. She gives a break to her studies during the festivals in temple, for better earnings. She spends the entire day in shop with her mother. Photo: B. Muraleekrishnan

Sneha is a college girl during the day. The role changes to a shop keeper in the evening when she returns to Haripad. She manages to meet the expense of food, house rent and education, by selling lime juice and toffees in the shop. Amidst the busy life, she has also acted in a few movies, television serials and comedy shows. She is a political activist as well. No wonder she is now the State Vice President of KSU. Mathrubhumi had published her story on the last Woman’s Day.

When Sneha reached their old house on the banks of river, her smile faded. With shattered doors and stained walls, the house is fully damaged. Without spending much time there, she returmed to her rented house. Photo: B. Muraleekrishnan

Sneha holds the view that education is not for getting a government job but to have a strong base for life. She has no intention to shrink into herself doing her chores. Instead, she dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. Now Sneha is planning to buy an auto rickshaw on loan, so that she can earn a little more and travel easily with her mother. She wishes to set up a tailoring unit too. For those who get depressed over the slightest setbacks in life, Sneha is a big role model. She bravely faces the odd in life with a smile.