“I'm proud to be a woman. I'm where I'm today only because of my strong will power, confidence and my boldness to explore the challenges in life. Life has thrown gender biases and being from a patriarchal society, I had to swim against it, most of the times, to prove my worth. But today, I've found my way to become one among the top artists, redefining the way to propel my interests and achievements in a male-driven social structure in the world. " This is Sajitha Shankar, a contemporary artist, who shows what a woman is and means in the realm of art.

sajithaLet's us salute this brave lady, a rebel at heart, who has come out of the shackles and established her own art studio, developed her art skills and presently exploring her mind and body through meditation and yoga. A noted artist, Sajitha speaks to the world through her art to point the objectification women face in their day-to-day lives. 

Talk to her for about half an hour and you are emboldened a lot. Such is the energy she imparts in you. Her deep reflections into art has not only allowed Sajitha to relentlessly climb up and rely on herself but is unperturbed over the way she was challenged at home.

Born in Kottayam and having a burning desire to take up drawing from a very young age itself, she fought her life to take up what she loved most. But life had other lessons to teach her. Sajitha's marriage to a painter did not make her journey to pursue her art interests an easier one. Her unspeakable sorrows which she faced, emotional abuse and pure ego clashes with her husband did not cow down this young girl way back then. "I was determined to prove myself before everyone who had beaten me down and I survived," Sajitha says. Coming out of her married life she proved to the world, what stops pursuing your passion, leave it. If you have to, go ahead and do it. You just don't survive you will thrive.

An artwork of Sajitha

And she has proved exactly that. Recognitions and laurels followed. She was recognised by the British council with prestigious award and many honours followed. Her beautiful studio and house at Kallar were the fruits of her hardships.  Her Gowry Art Institute, her pride, is her greatest personal achievements that she had secured through economic independence. Never allow your self esteem plunge to new depths, she says.

The artist says that art has a driving force and pushed her whenever she was lying low.  Sajitha admits that her autobiographical work came out in most of the troubled times. The trials and tribulations in her work made way through her art. Sajitha feels women have the power and the extra energy. Make use of it and explore, she signs off.