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Sanjiv Bhatt’s wife Shweta says ‘The Relentless Fight is On’

IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt was given life imprisonment in a custodial death case that ..

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A wonderous world of lamps
e toilet
Today is World Toilet Day: e-toilet model to adapt but with necessary changes
Kayamkulam kochunni

Kayamkulam Kochunni, unravelling an epic through powerful visuals | Movie Rating : 3/5

Kayamkulam Kochunni, the much-awaited movie featuring the Nivin-Mohanlal combo, is an intriguing tale on the life of the legendry thief ..


Let’s teach our children Sign Language

“It is very common that parents and teachers compel hearing impaired children to speak in order to learn speech. But an eighth ..


A world that I did not know

It takes a lot to do something first. Remember the first time you bunked exams, the first time you developed a crush. But this was ..


Here is a man who earns 50k a month from coconut climbing

The coconut climbers are a dwindling community in Kerala. There is a high demand for this traditional job doers. At a time when the ..

Karla Kaishuri

Baby Names: These are unbeatable...

“What's in a name? that which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.” This quote from the romantic ..


Do parents fear to bring up a girl child today?

“I have fear in bringing up a girl child today. I have two girls. Shivanya in Vth standard and Shivaka, an anganawadi goer. While ..


`Immaturity’ during times of flood

Was it the right time to show rigidness and immaturity during deadly flood? Are we really actualizing the character of Georgekutty ..

Russian Books and Maria Rose

Maria Rose and 'Aa Pazhaya Russian Pusthakangal'

Everyone has their own way to cherish their memories of something favourite from childhood. Some choose their old toys, some others ..

Guru Purnima concert by Ramakrishnan Murthy

Amalgam of melody and rhythm

The concert by Ramakrishnan Murthy held at Suryakanthi Kalyana Mandapam in Kozhikode on Guru Purnima enthralled connoisseurs and ..


A Malayali woman's adventure at 70!

Not all days begin on a happy note. For this 70-year-old professor of the Amrita University in Kollam, the day turned out to be quite ..


How movies take up trans awareness?

After Kerala witnessed the first registered marriage of a trans couple, the release of Njan Marykutty was welcomed by the trans community ..

Suchitra Holla concert

Sophisticated RTP

The concert by Suchitra Holla organized by Sadhguru Sangeetha Sabha at Padmasree Kalyana Mandapam in Kozhikode was characterised ..

Ranjit Varier concert review by Ranjit N Menon

Euphonious strains

The concert by Kottakkal Ranjith Varier organized by Sadhguru Sangeetha Sabha at Padmasree Kalyana Mandapam in Kozhikode was noted ..

Sumesh Thamarassery

Devotional ambience

Concerts in temples always provide deep peace and tranquility to connoisseurs of Carnatic music as a spiritual atmosphere prevails ..

Nilambur Railway station
Small railway stations changing appearance for movies
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