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Ajitesh Nair

Ajitesh Nair on way to enter Guiness Record in chess history

11year-old Indian American Ajitesh Nair is on his way to create a Guiness Record ..

Bengaluru based Keralites' quest for financial independence leads them to set a unique mark in the field of stock market trading
This startup by Ritvik, Akash helps you enter the world of stocks
An incredible artist; Asif sketches by mouth, hair, eyes, nose…….
19-yr-old paints with his mouth, hair, eyes, nose...
Abindas and Athira
A Kerala wedding in Dallas: Couple ties knot with parents on video call
Dr SUresh

Kannur doctor in UK explains what it is treating Covid patients

Kannur native Dr Suresh Babu says treating Covid patients have had a huge impact on his practice of medicine and on some occasions ..


Crafts from areca nuts to pista shells, Raichal's creative art during pregnancy

Maternity period will not be an easy one for most of the women. Health issues and related problems will disturb them each moment. But ..


Befriending a peacock during lockdown; Watch video

Like everyone I too have been working from home ever since the lockdown was imposed. Time passed smoothly in the initial days and then ..


Strong theatre continues to influence society

What is the relevance of theatre in the contemporary society? Does it influence our collective psyche as much as other ‘mass’ ..

Umadevi Antharjanam

Kerala’s 73-year-old grandma walks 4km daily to promote reading

For the 73-year-old Umadevi Antharjanam hailing from Budhannoor near Chengannur, a day starts early in the morning. After completing ..

Megha Sunny

At 20, Megha Sunny walks away with laurels in all Games, amid struggles

Kalady: While Kerala athletes grabbed the limelight after securing the title in Khelo India Youth Games (KIYG), Guwahati, a young woman ..

Dr. Rashmi Pramod

Visually impaired doctor imparts 'vision and light' through Ayurveda

“A lot of people still ask me how a visually impaired person work as a doctor and treat her patients” says Dr. Reshmi Pramod ..


Let’s go for a Ride, a Gondola Ride

A Gondola ride! Oh! What does this mean. A usual boat ride. But I had done it before in Andamans and also from our very own Alappuzha ..

Deepika Padukone

Deepika chose to visit JNU and that’s what matters

On Tuesday, Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone visited the Jawaharlal Nehru University campus to express solidarity to the students ..

Her shield

Self defence? These Kalaripayattu artistes of Kozhikode will teach you

With the number of attacks against women on the rise , two youth from Koduvally of Kozhikode in Kerala are gearing up to take their ..

Kochaniyan and Lakshmi Ammal

On Dec 28, a grand wedding in Thrissur; Grandpa-Granny love story blooms at old age home

Weddings are always a celebration. But it is for the first time, Kerala is going to have a special wedding at an old age home. A grandpa ..


Go with the flow at Switzerland’s largest waterfall

One of Switzerland's main attraction is the Rhine falls, one of the largest waterfall in Europe and the most powerful. What makes ..

Midhu Sreenivas newborn photos

Capturing cute baby smiles, this newborn photographer is setting a new trend here

The smile that blooms unexpectedly on the face of a baby could be the best sight ever seen by parents. Not only the family, but everybody ..


These children smiled and it was contagious

Smile is a small gesture of happiness that rests in one and fills the vacuum of another person. It spreads fast like a fever making ..

Kerala in the grip of 4G cocktail
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