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It’s again that time of the year when stars, lights and conifers adorn our gardens and living rooms. Christmas is at the doorstep and all are busy lighting up streets, shops and houses.

Looking back at a time when paper stars, colour candles and Santa caps were the only Christmas decorations for an average income family, it is now astonishing to watch the innovations and technological advancements that have come our way.

Paper stars have given way to LED stars in Kerala market. The demand for LED stars have already surpassed that of paper stars, traders say. It comes in numerous varieties and is cheaper than papers stars.   

The Christmas market is brimming with imported Christmas decors and lights, signalling a sharp shift in demand from a time when the locally-made decorations and stars were dominating the Christmas market.

LED stars, LED candles, LED balloons

In its quest to remain in the multi-crore Christmas market, the paper stars have been changing its colour and shape all these years. With the entry of comparatively cheaper LED stars, it has literally set the stage for a ‘star war’ in the market.

led stars

The conventional stars have suddenly changed its texture and shape and transformed itself to match the changing fancies and tastes of the young generation. The most popular among them is the ‘Jimikki Kammal’ star, named after a hit song from a recent Mohanlal movie. Also, there are Punyalan, Chembarathi and Villain stars in the market to allure the customers.

LED candles
LED candles

“It is the age of the LED stars and lights. The change is very obvious. Children are more fascinated towards the glittering (LED) stars than the conventional ones,” said Santhosh of Bharat Stationary Mart in Kozhikode. “Parents are also happy since LED stars are cheaper than paper stars. Its price starts from Rs 150,” he added.

Jimikki Kammal, Bamboo stars and more…

The ‘Jimikki Kammal’ stars comes in numerous varieties and are a fast moving item in the market.

Jimikki Kammal
One variety of Jimiki Kammal star

K P Jagatheesh, owner of Kerala Stationary Mart in SM Street, says the demand for paper stars is still good. “We have an exclusive Jimikki Kammal variety, which is being sold out like hotcakes. It costs around Rs 300 to Rs 400,” he added.

Also there is demand for bamboo stars of different sizes, which have been in the market for a few years.

LED lights come in different varieties—strings, balloons, ball-shaped, waterdrop-shaped –the list is perhaps endless. The conventional Christmas tree has also changed its looks, but the Kerala market is yet to explore its possibilities.

‘X’ Mas decoration is more than just lights and stars

When set aside Christmas stars and lights, decorations and Christmas tree ornaments too make up a large share of the festival market. Snow man, snow flake lights, Christmas ribbons, candles, Holy wreath, Christmas lanterns and metal star hangings are making inroads into Kerala market mainly through e-commerce websites.

Christmas lanterns

“People nowadays look at quality over price. They also look for more customised products,” said Joanns, who runs Joanns Homestyle store at Panampilly Nagar in Kochi.

Snow man. Image credit: Facebook/@Joanns.homestyle 


“We have products starting at Rs 50 and upto Rs 3,000,” Joanns said as she attended some of her customers who came to try some LED snow-flakes.

Holy Wreath. Image credit: Facebook/@Joanns.homestyle 


Though they are interested in innovative products, Joanns say they are more conventional when it comes to arranging a Christmas tree. “I had experimented with a variety of Christmas tree ornaments lately. However, people stuck to conventional themes. The colour they choose for their Christmas tree ornaments are either silver or gold,” said Joanns whose shop comprises 60 percent imported Christmas decorative pieces.  

LED lights
LED string lights. Photo: AFP


Led lights
LED snowflakes light Photo: AFP