Jeethu Joseph's Oozham starring Prithviraj will hit the theatres on Onam. The action movie, which tells the story of a revenge, features Divya Pilla as the female lead. It is the second outing of Jithu-Prithviraj team after Memories. Excerpts from an interview given to Mathrubhumi News:

Whose movie is Oozham? Yours or is it that of the audience?

I cannot say as a movie do not belong to an individual or a group. It is a piece of art brought out with the efforts of hundreds of people. Director, artiste, cameraman, script writer all have their own roles to play.

From Detective to Oozham, how do you evaluate your growth as a director?

As far as I am concerned, my confidence level has increased after my first three films. I had doubts about my capabilities as a filmmaker. That was put to an end after directing Mummy and Me.

What should we expect from Oozham?

Oozham is an action drama. There is no suspense. The viewers will get to know everything about the storyline in the first 10 minutes, but they have to watch till the end to get answers to many questions. The specialty of Oozham lies in its style of presentation.

This is not your first movie with Prithviraj. As an actor, what are his contributions to your movies?

Our partnership started with Memories. I was literally amazed to see his performance in the movie. It was above my expectations. Both of us are family friends and used to share our issues and concerns. Raju has a very practical approach to everything and is very careful in how a character is portrayed on screen; not just of himself but of everyone in the set.

Are you under pressure after each success?

I am a person who wants to experience the ups and downs in life. Drishyam fetched me so much success and for that reason, the movie has an important place in my career. However, there is a flipside to that. Whenever I narrate a story for a new movie, they compare it with Drishyam. I cannot do Drishyam-type movies all through my life.

I want to do different types of movies; movies without much complexities. I will do such movies only when I can financially back it up.

Even artistes face such dilemma. The super star status often is a kind of liability. Rajnikanth wanted to act in Papanasam but his fans cannot sit and watch someone hitting him.