How many of us know that there is Malayalee connect to the beautiful song in Hrithik Roshan-starrer Mohenjo Daro? Yes, the trending ‘Tuhe’ song in the movie is crooned by Sanah Moidutty, a Kerala-origin girl, born and brought up in Mumbai.

Sanah, an engineering graduate, is already creating waves with the song rendered along with music maestro A R Rahman. The song has become a hit even before the release of the epic film directed by Ashutosh Gowariker.

In an interview with, Sanah opens up about her experience working with Rahaman, her music career and her date with the home state.  

Your song in Mohenjo Daro has become a big hit even before the movie’s release. How do you feel about thats?

Of course, I am feeling very happy and excited. An opportunity to sing in an epic movie like Mohenjo Daro was certainly a big thing for a beginner like me.   

Mohenjo Daro is not my first movie. My first tryst with film music industry was in 2013, when I sung ‘motto ghotolo’ for movie ‘Gori Thera Pyar Mein’. The song was composed by Vishal Shekhar. ‘Mei Nigara’ song in movie ‘24’ was my first Tamil song.

Many of us still do not know that you are a Malayalee. Please tell us about your family.

My fathers’ native place is in Pattambi and my mother hails from Areekkode. But I was born and brought up in Mumbai. My father Moidutty is a bank manager and mother Rasiya is a homemaker. She is also a good singer.

sanah moidootty

What are your memories about Kerala?

I have so many relatives in Kerala. Ours is a huge family. I used to visit Kerala once in two years. I have not stayed there for long, but the time that I have spent there is very precious for me.

As far as a singer is concerned, getting a chance to work with musicians like Rahman is one of the luckiest opportunities in his or her life. What was it like to work with the maestro?

To say the truth, I am a blessed soul. It has been my dream since childhood to work with Rahman sir. I thought I was in a dream when he called me to sing for ‘24’. I was nervous when I reached the studio but he gave me strength. I have learned a lot of things from him.

How did you get into the world of music?

I was extremely interested in music from childhood. My mother is a trained Carnatic classical vocalist and it is she who took me to the world of music.

Are you trained in Carnatic music?

Yes. I started to learn Carnatic music at the age of 8. My first guru was Sundari Gopala Krishnan. After six years’ training in Carnatic, I started to learn Hindustani under Madhuvanthi. Then I got the opportunity to learn Hindustani music under Ustad Ghulam Mustafa Khan. Now, I am also learning Western vocal under Samantha Edward.

How did you get a chance to work with Rahman?

Once, I sent him my voice sample. After a few days, I got a phone call from Rahman sir’s office. When I reached the studio, he made me sing one or two songs and he liked my voice. This is how I got a chance to sing for ‘24’.

Being a person wedded to music, who is that person who influenced you the most?

It is Rahman sir himself. I have not met any musician so inspiring and exciting in my life.

How will you respond if you get a chance to sing for a Malayalam movie?

I have not got any calls from Malayalam so far. But I will be very happy, if I get a chance to sing in Malayalam. Compared to other languages, Malayalam is a little bit difficult for me. However, Malayalees have a very good taste in music and to sing in Malayalam means more responsibility for me.

The person who attracted you the most in Malayalam music industry?

It is Chitra chechi (singer K S Chitra) herself. I am her ardent fan and used to listen to her songs since I was very young. Hope I will get a chance to meet her in the future.

How much does your family’s support helped you to bring up the singer in you?

For me, everything is my family. As I said earlier, my mother is my first guru. My father and sister are always with me. My sister Sajitha is my biggest critic. She used to advise me on my costume, sets and songs.

Apart from singing, what are your other priorities in life?

My parents used to tell me that I should give equal importance to my studies. I am a computer engineer graduate, but from the beginning, I knew that music is my destiny.

What are your upcoming projects?

Currently, I am busy with the works of my own YouTube channel and plans to dedicate some time for that. I also have plans to perform in a few music shows.