As the year 2017 is about to bid farewell to us, let’s rewind the social media world to see what happened there within one year. For the virtual world, a year is not more than a flick of a second. Trends keep changing every moment leaving behind the stale gossips and stories. 2017 has been a hot year when it comes to trending topics and trolls. Some of the celebrities stole the show by keeping themselves in the limelight of social media, whereas some others became celebrities after the netizens trolled them to the moon and back.

Here are some of the names we are tired of seeing in the trolls in the social media. They got trapped in the whirl of controversies for making comments on issues or expressing opinion on topics.

Amala Paul

One of the most celebrated names on social media was of actress Amal Paul, for getting involved in the issue of Puducherry car registration under fake address. After the Motor Vehicle Department issued notice against her in connection with the case, the actress posted a detailed status on Facebook, which ultimately invited harsh criticism for her rude response to a legal procedure. The netizens underlined the arrogant tone she applied in the post to unleash attack against her.



The award winning actress Parvathy has been a trending topic among the netizens ever since she changed her career path to a rebellious mode. The latest of the issue took place when she commented negatively on Mammootty’s movie ‘Kasaba’ for the misogynistic dialogues in it. The Mammootty fans across the state took her comment emotionally, which led to showering of abuse against the actress. Even some of the celebrities started opposing her, to which she made the sensational comment ‘OMKV’. Finally, those who showered abuse on her had to face the music after she lodged a complaint against the cyber-bullying and 2 persons were arrested.

Kummanam Rajasekharan

BJP State President Kummanam Rajasekharan happen to contribute a new word to Malayalam this year. The arrival of Prime Minister has started the whirl of controversies in connection with the Kochi Metro inauguration. Many of the prominent personalities were denied permission to attend the function. But though Kummanam bear no official position and was not included in the list of invitees, he boarded the metro in its first trip with PM. This ultimately led to the coinage of the term ‘Kummanadi’ in Malayalam, which jocularly mean 'go to an event or place without being invited'.


Sheela Kannanthanam

The Minister of State for Tourism Alphons Kannanthanam has always been in the limelight of media but nobody ever expected his wife Sheela would find her own niche there. When Kannanthanam was selected as the minister, mediapersons asked Sheela about her response regarding his new position. She opened up her mind innocently, but the trolls found their bait there too by including the comments she passed off the record. The mannerisms of Sheela were widely imitated through dubsmash and trolls. However, Alphons Kannanthanam later said that those who ridiculed her are unaware of the hardships she suffered in life. Watch the video of Sheela's comment on her husband becoming a union minister.

M. M. Mani

The Minister for Electricity M. M. Mani is a subject of perennial interest for the troll makers. He literally gave some treats for the social media this year too with his usual slips of tongue. Devikulam Sub Collector Dr. Sriram Venkitaraman’s action in Munnar land encroachment cases had provoked the minister as the sub collector did not inform him of the action. Thus the minister opined that he should be sent to Oolampara, a place noted for the mental asylum there. The social media could not bear the comment against a highly qualified bureaucrat from an undereducated political person, and the troll shower started. No matter what people say, Mani seems to have no intention to give rest to his tongue.


Kamaal R. Khan

Kamaal R Khan, a self-proclaimed film critic and an infamous bully on social media, invited hatred of Malayalis for opining that Malayalam actor Mohanlal is unfit to play the role of Bheeman in the big budget movie ‘Mahabharatham’. KRK dared to mention Mohanlal ‘Chhotta Bheem’ and ‘joker’ in his tweets. The moment he tweeted, hundreds of Malayali audience struck him back with offensive tweets. KRK continued the insult and called Mohanlal fans idiots and claimed that he is a bigger star as he has more followers than Mohanlal. All the hassles ended up in getting his twitter account deactivated by Twitter authorities.


Chintha Jerome

‘Jimikki Kammal’ was one of the most popular songs of the year with its exciting rhythm. But Kerala Youth Commission chairperson and former SFI leader Chintha Jerome wanted to watch it in a different perspective. She analyzed the song’s lyrics intellectually and filtered the social aspects hidden in between the lines. However, the social media lashed her with harsh criticism for not perceiving the song as an entertainment. Though Chintha later explained that she only analyzed the lyrics in a research aspect. The trolls celebrated her speech as an untimely lecture on a film song that was meant to amuse the viewers.

Shashi Tharoor

Shashi Tharoor MP, the former union minister, is reputed for his verbosity. 2017 also witnessed him bombarding the social media with his eloquence. Arnab Goswami, the anchor in Republic Channel, provoked Shashi Tharoor by emphasizing on his alleged connection with the mysterious death of his wife Sunanda Pushkar a few years back. Tharoor was deeply offended when Arnab Goswami aired some audio clips to prove the allegation. Tharoor later tweeted with seemingly heavy words against Goswami. The word ‘farrago’ he used in the tweet thus became one of the most searched words on Google. His tweet was trolled widely by the netizens.

Dhanya Rajendran

Chennai-based journalist Dhanya Rajendran was victimized by the social media trolls in connection with a Vijay starrer movie that was released 7 years ago. When Shah Rukh Khan's movie ‘When Harry Met Sejal’ was released, Dhanya commented that she could not bear to watch it and that it was worse than the Vijay movie ‘Sura’. Vijay fans were provoked by this comment and started firing her on social media in a derogatory language. At last, Vijay himself had to post a message asking the fans to stop harassing people who express their opinion. Dhanya also filed a complaint with the police against the cyber-attack on her.

dhanya rajendran tweet

Saranya Mohan

Though she left the film industry after marriage, Saranya Mohan was widely adored for her beauty. But when a photograph of the actress was leaked on social media, the netizens took to her visibly overweight appearance. When the trolls exceeded all limits of decency, her husband intervened in the issue by posting a fitting reply to them. He asked those who trolled Saranya, if her overweight is the biggest concern in the world for them.

saranya mohan
Photo: Facebook / Saranya Mohan

Anna Reshma Rajan (Lichy)

The new face actress Anna Reshma Rajan, popularly known by her screen name Lichy, has found her own niche among the victims of social media trolls after she gave a tit for tat reply to a tricky question on a channel show. The programme host asked Lichy who she would choose as her hero in a movie, if Mammootty and Dulquer Salmaan are considered. Lichy replied that she wanted Dulquer as her hero and Mammootty as her father. Unfortunately, Mammootty fans mistook that she ridiculed his age and mocked her with trolls. The issue was about to turn into a controversy as some other celebrities intervened supporting Lichy’s comment. Later, Lichy herself appeared on a live video explaining that she meant no offense to the mega star, and even Mammootty consoled her.

Flash Mob Team in Malappuram

Not only the celebrities but common people too have a not-so-wonderful chance to get trolled on social media. One of the noted issue was when three Muslim girls wearing hijab performed a flash mob in Malappuram in connection with AIDS awareness. Despite their noble intention, a huge online community started pouring vulgar comments on the girls for dancing in public, which is believed to be against the religious teaching. However, a large group of people also supported the girls and staged flash mobs in many places challenging those who showered abuses.

flash mob