Social Issues
Saeed Naqvi

Developing world should counter the white, anglo-centric global media regime: Saeed Naqvi

Kozhikode: New age imperialism comes garbed in the form of western media hegemony ..

Alappad: A tale of lost land to mineral sand mining
Formin Akter
From terror to triumph: A young Rohingya woman's journey to the impossible
Driving under the influence: A disaster waiting to happen
e toilet

Today is World Toilet Day: e-toilet model to adapt but with necessary changes

The United Nation’s international day for toilets on November 19 is observed with a purpose to tackle the sanitation crisis across ..


Challenges galore as new Sabarimala season is set to begin

Thiruvananthapuram:It could well be the first time in the history of the Lord Ayyappa Sabarimala temple that the nearly-two-month-long ..

Nipah waste carriers

The Story of Those Men

June 2018. The whole of Kozhikode district kept indoors, fearing the deadly Nipah virus. People from the foreign shores skipped the ..

Gilbert Baker

An ode to Shalu, a TG

Kozhikode: My professional acquaintance with Kalpetta-native Shalu occurred five years back as part of aMathrubhumicampaign on the ..


When the state turns ‘Big Brother’

Tushar Ramesh Damgude, a 38-year-old businessman from Pune, had no intention of being in the national limelight when he filed a police ..


Kerala's devastation: Why can't we learn from others?

Twenty years ago, in August 1998, then Chinese Prime Minister Zhu Rongji proposed, in a meeting of China's State Council, a total ..


`Immaturity’ during times of flood

Was it the right time to show rigidness and immaturity during deadly flood? Are we really actualizing the character of Georgekutty ..


Kerala rises: Actions speak louder for this Onam, Eid

This is a time for all Keralities to rise and shine….at this time of a gigantic catastrophe, at this time when the whole world ..


Disaster relief: Let the first lesson begin from schools

Kerala has been devastated by the floods. The state has not gone through a similar ordeal in the recent past. So, the role of relief ..


Public transport not a priority in Kerala: Sreedharan

It was a year since Kochi Metro gave the city’s landscape an uber cool look sparking off first anniversary celebrations ranging ..