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Ayodhya Case

Ram Janmabhoomi - Babri Masjid case: Everything you need to know in a snapshot

The Ram Janambhoomi Babri Masjid Dispute relates to a piece of 2.77 acres land in ..

Eminent journalist Sainath warns of ‘civilisational’ crisis
Sometimes, true heroes walk among us
Mammooty launches Kerala Police’s road safety mascot Pappu Zebra in 3D

How heaven turned into hell – the story of Chettyalathur (Part 1)

There is a village inside the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary that has been sheltering tribals even before India became independent. Around ..

Kerala Floods

Kerala Floods-a lackadaisical approach to disaster recovery

Don’t give up hope, keep it alive: I said to myself when I saw a recent news item on the Kerala flood disaster rebuilding efforts ..


‘Are you safe?’ – A CRPF soldier’s answer to this question

Thiruvananthapuram: The first question of the family and friends of every soldier through phone after the Pulwama terror attack was ..


Distracted Driving

People are smart; however, they do stupid things that affect everyone’s wellbeing. Amazingly, often they do things with full ..

Saeed Naqvi

Developing world should counter the white, anglo-centric global media regime: Saeed Naqvi

Kozhikode: New age imperialism comes garbed in the form of western media hegemony said Saeed Naqvi, veteran journalist and commentator ..


Alappad: A tale of lost land to mineral sand mining

Alappad (Kerala): Abandoned homes, deserted school, heaps of sand, a lone temple and dried up mangroves. These are the remnants ..

Formin Akter

From terror to triumph: A young Rohingya woman's journey to the impossible

Chittagong(Bangladesh): On the first day of the school year at the Asian University for Women in southern Bangladesh, groups of teenage ..


Driving under the influence: A disaster waiting to happen

As the festival season is upon us, many festivities are fuelled by alcohol-induced jubilation. Social drinking is an accepted norm ..

Professor Guru Das Agrawal

What happened to Clean Ganga promise? V S to BJP

Thiruvananthapuram: Veteran communist leader and former Kerala Chief Minister V S Achutanandan said that before endeavouring to protect ..

River Ganga

Sacrifice at the altar of development

The legendary Professor Guru Das Agrawal, who got promoted from a Lecturer directly to Professor at the prestigious Indian Institute ..

Ayodhya Case
Ram Janmabhoomi - Babri Masjid case: Everything you need to know in a snapshot
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