World suicide prevention day: surge in suicides in Kerala

According to the statistics of the National Crime Records Bureau in 2019, Kerala ..

More cases of short-sightedness among children reported after lockdown
Nipah Virus
Everything you should know about Nipah virus
Mili Tony and Roy Tom
Meet this Kochi couple who donated part of liver for parents
nasal endoscopy

Mucormycosis or Black Fungus – The new face of Covid-19 pandemic

As India continues to battle the Covid 19 pandemic, new deadly complications of the infection have surfaced. The Coronavirus now poses ..

black fungus

What is 'black fungus' and why India?

Several thousand coronavirus patients in India have contracted a deadly and aggressive fungal infection, compounding the country's ..

Menstrual cup

Delayed or missed periods: Here are the reasons

Every woman is different -- including their periods. Some happen regularly and others are hit or miss and for some it's unpredictable ..

Cropped Hand Holding Aids Awareness Ribbon At Table - stock photo

'I am and I will’ - Awareness is the key in cancer treatment!

The number of cancer patients is increasing each day in the world. It is the second leading cause of death globally. With modern technology ..


Living with diabetes while enjoying sweets

Diabetes management is not a one-day affair, it is a life-long process of adapting to a healthy lifestyle. With the help of your doctor, ..

Human brain stroke

Understanding Stroke is Key to its Prevention

Stroke is the second largest cause of death and also a major cause of disability worldwide. Every year about 13.7 million new cases ..

Matria Hospital

‘One baby one tree’ practice of Matria hospital turns 10

Kozhikode: Matria Hospital, an exclusive hospital for women and children, is celebrating its 10th anniversary along with its practice ..


Corona scare: Govt issues Dos & Don'ts for home quarantine & mask use

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has prepared a draft for guidelines for home quarantine, as well as for the use of masks ..

Achilles tendon rupture

‘Percutaneous approach, the best way to repair Achilles tendon’

Achilles, the largest and strongest tendon, is a rope like band of fibrous tissue in the back of ankle that connects powerful calf ..

Dr. Rashmi Pramod

Visually impaired doctor imparts 'vision and light' through Ayurveda

“A lot of people still ask me how a visually impaired person work as a doctor and treat her patients” says Dr. Reshmi Pramod ..

Bumrah has got his cricketing intelligence from tennis ball cricket: Balwinder Singh Sandhu
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