Kozhikode: Following continuous threats by her attackers, Jyotsna who was punched in her stomach and suffered a miscarriage while trying to intervene when her husband was brutally assaulted, has abandoned her home and left the place.  Jyotsna told mathrubhumi.com that the attackers had lodged a fake case against her husband and was torturing the family, not allowing them to live in peace. The torture continued even in her rented place and Jyotsna’s husband was not able to go for work.

The threats to Jyotsna’s family intensified after the attackers, allegedly CPM workers including a CPM branch secretary, had come out on bail. Several fake cases were lodged against Sibi Chacko, Jyotsna’s husband, and the threats continue to haunt them everyday. They were not able to live in their own house and also in the rented place. Even attempts to sell the house was jeopardised.

Jyotsna asks “What wrong did I do to the party. Was leaving the attackers who killed my unborn baby free was the only mistake.” Chacko said there was pressure on him to avoid CPM branch secretary from being named in the case. Sibi said he was made to sign in plain paper by hoodwinking him and later that was used to file a complaint against him.

Sibi Chacko does not go to work and finds it difficult to make both ends meet.