Thiruvananthapuram:  Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a ‘blood-stained’ political career, charged Home Minister Ramesh Chennithala in a Facebook post.

Responding to the allegations levelled by Modi against Sonia Gandhi, Chennithala said the BJP and RSS are afraid of the Nehru family despite holding the reins.

“Sonia Gandhi once rejected the offer to occupy the prime minister's post. She could have claimed the chair anytime and the same was the wish of crores of Congress workers across the country. On the other hand, Modi pulled down senior leaders to claim the posts of chief minister and prime minister. Modi’s hands have the smell of the blood of thousands killed in Godhra and Muzaffarnagar. He won’t be able to get rid of it even the entire water of Ganga is used,” Chennithala said in his post which also shower criticism on BJP president Amit Shah.

Read Chennithala's post below: