Panur:  Former Peringalam MLA and Muslim League former Kannur district president K M Soopy (84) passed away at his residence on Tuesday morning due to old age.

The body will be kept for public homage at the Panur Najaath High School in Kannur till 2 pm and the final rites will take place in the evening at the Panur town Jumaath Mosque.

Soopy began his political entry by contesting as PSP candidate at Ward 7 of the Panur panchayat in 1964.  Soopy was elected unanimously and became the panchayat president.

Again, during the 1970 elections, he defeated congress candidate V Ashokan Master and entered the Assembly for the first time. In the Panchayat polls in 1988, Soopy was elected as the panchayat president with the backing of the BJP.

In the 1991 election, K M Soopy defeated his former political mentor P R Kurup and remained active till 2015 as Kannur district president.