Delhi Government has invited applications for the Chief Minister’s Urban Leaders Fellowship Programme, aimed at making Delhi among the best governed cities in the world.

The programme provides a unique opportunity to young leaders across India to work within Delhi government to address some of the most pressing urban challenges in India, and experience what 'making change happen' looks like.

The Fellowship aims to attract outstanding young men and women from across the country under the age of 35 years who are passionate about public service and are willing to work for two years.

Fellows will be assigned to work with Ministers or Senior officials across various departments of Delhi government such as Education, Health, Water, Environment, Transport, Art & Culture etc. Fellows will provide analytical support in the formulation of policies, implementation of projects and various governance initiatives.

Positions and Remuneration: There are 20 positions of Fellows and 10 positions of Associate Fellows. Remuneration per month will be Rs. 1,25,000/- for Fellows and Rs.75,000/- for Associate Fellows.

Fellowship programme will last for two years and will consist of the following components: Induction: Selected fellows will undergo a structured induction programme over the first three weeks, consisting of two phases;

Training (1 week): Fellows will be trained on government processes and functioning, effective communication, leadership and conflict resolution, project ownership, working with communities, monitoring and evaluation etc. through lectures and interactive sessions with senior officers/ministers of the Delhi government, and subject matter experts from academia and civil society.

Field immersion (2 weeks): Fellows will spend focused time on the field experiencing the day-today functioning of the departments they have been assigned to and forming their own impressions of the field-level challenges, and possible solutions. They will prepare a policy note summarizing their analysis of the challenges, and recommendations.

Fellowship Assignment: Each Fellow will be assigned to one of the departments of the Delhi government at the time of appointment. After they join, they will receive details on their Fellowship Assignment which will include the key initiative(s) within the department that they will be contributing to, and specific details on roles and responsibilities. Allocation of fellowship assignments will depend upon both the needs of departments of GNCTD, and the skills and work experience that each of the Fellows bring.

Typical project assignments will require Fellows to contribute through a variety of roles over 1-2 years such as due-diligence and background preparation to launch an ambitious reform, project management to fast-track implementation of priority projects, providing ground-up feedback to ministers/secretaries on progress of key programmes, strengthen concurrent monitoring & evaluation in key programmes etc. While each Fellow will receive a specific assignment at the start of the Fellowship programme, it is expected that they will also contribute to other ongoing activities and initiatives of the department, as needed. Though most Fellowship Assignments are expected to last two years, some Fellows may be assigned to a different department or assignment after the first year based on project needs. Performance Management: The Fellows will be on probation for the first three months, and only after successful completion of activities in the probation period, the Fellows will be allowed to continue for the full length of the Fellowship programme, else the fellowship will be terminated and the Fellow will receive an Internship certificate from GNCTD.

All Fellows will work directly under the supervision of Senior officials (Secretary/Director level) or Advisors or Ministers to GNCTD, who will also provide regular guidance and mentorship on the Fellowship Assignment. In addition, high-level reviews of each Fellowship Assignment will be taken by the Hon’ble Chief Minister/Deputy Chief Minister every three months. 2 ` An annual performance appraisal will be conducted at the end of the first year of the Fellowship programme, and only if the performance is satisfactory, the Fellows will be asked to continue into the second year of the Programme.

Deliverables: Based on the activities assigned by their supervisors, the Fellows will be required to produce several outputs (project notes, reports, presentations etc.) through the Fellowship programme. The fellows will also be required to make regular presentations to concerned stakeholders and update them on the department-specific projects. Programme Completion: Upon satisfactory completion of two years of the Fellowship programme, Fellows shall receive a certificate from GNCTD signed by the Hon’ble Chief Minister. Learning Opportunities: The Chief Minister’s Urban Leaders Fellowship programme is structured to provide a unique set of learning opportunities to Fellows such as: ● An opportunity to engage on a wide range of urban and social policies such as education, public health, transportation, urban poverty alleviation and slum rehabilitation, environment sustainability, pollution control, and local public service delivery. ● Key analytical and managerial skills by working on projects related to formulation and implementation of projects and initiatives in the development, infrastructure and technology sector. ● Exposure to and understanding of the various stakeholders involved in the governance process. Compensation: Remuneration of ₹1,25,000 per month will be provided to Fellows and ₹75,000 per month will be provided to Associate Fellows.

Selection Criteria

The Chief Minister’s Urban Leadership Fellows programme invites application for outstanding young leaders who are Indian citizens or holding OCI status and between 21-35 years of age.

Eligibility Criteria for Fellows (either one of the following should apply) (i) Ph.D. degree with minimum one year full-time work experience (ii) Post-Graduate with minimum 60% of marks (or equivalent CGPA) with minimum 3 years fulltime work experience. Professionals such as MBBS, LLB etc. with minimum 5 year course of study after 12th class will be considered as “Post-Graduate” (iii) Professionals like Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries etc. who are registered with their respective professional bodies shall be eligible to apply for Fellows if they have minimum 3 years of post-registration work experience (iv) Graduate with minimum 60% of marks (or equivalent CGPA) with minimum 5 years full-time work experience.

Eligibility Criteria for Associate Fellows (either one of the following should apply) (i) Post-Graduate with minimum 60% of marks (or equivalent CGPA). Professionals such as MBBS, LLB etc. with minimum 5 year course of study after 12th class will be considered as “PostGraduate” (ii) Graduate with minimum 60% of marks (or equivalent CGPA) with minimum one year full-time work experience (iii) Professionals like Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries etc. who are registered with their respective professional bodies shall be eligible to apply for Associate Fellows if they have minimum one year of post-registration work experience.

Desired Criteria Extra weightage will be given to candidates with (i) Superior academic performance and achievement (ii) Greater full-time work experience (iii) Relevant work experience in public service and development sector, especially governments (iv) Demonstration of outstanding achievements and leadership potential (v) Good oral and written communication skills

Recruitment Process: The selection process of the Fellowship programme will consist of two rounds:

Online Application: The first round of short listing will be done based on academic and professional qualifications of the applicants, and their responses to personal statement question in the online application. Candidates will be evaluated on criteria such as academic performance, credibility of institution, total years and relevance of work experience, and motivation for the Fellowship programme. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for the interview round.

Interview: The final round will consist of a face-to-face interview with a panel comprising officials from the Government of NCT of Delhi, and experts from academia and civil society. Candidates will be interviewed either in-person in Delhi (preferred) or through video conferencing.

Following are the key timelines of the Fellowship programme:

Applications Deadline is 4th November, 2018.  First Shortlist Announcement will be made on 15th November, 2018.

Final Interviews will be between 26th & 27th November, 2018. Final List will be announced on 30th November, 2018. Selected Candidates have to accept offers by 7th December, 2018. Fellowship programme begins on 7th January, 2019.

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