Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC), Pune has published the Merit List of candidates shortlisted for admission to MBBS course at AFMC, Pune, based on the second stage selection conducted by AFMC.

A total of 115 boys and 30 girls have been included in the Merit list. The first wait list includes 40 boys and 20 girls. In the second wait list, the number of boys is 43 and the number of girls is 80.

Reporting schedule is as follows: Boys Merit (BM) - 1 to 115 and Girls Merit (GM)- 1 to 30 have to report to AFMC, Pune from 11th July, 2018 till 12th July, 2018 from 0900 hrs onwards.

Boys Waitlist (BW) - 1 to 40 and Girls Waitlist (GW)- 1 to 20 : To report to AFMC, Pune on 16th Jul 2018 (0900h). The number of existing vacancies will be uploaded on the website on 13th July, 2018.

Boys Waitlist (BW) 41 and onwards, Girls Waitlist (GW) 21 and onwards: List of the candidates required to report will be put up on the website, depending upon existing vacancies. Date of reporting will be intimated subsequently on the website.

Admission to the college will be subject to fulfilling all eligibility criteria, as applicable. Candidates in the select list and waitlist are required to report to AFMC, Pune strictly as per the schedule. Admission of waitlisted candidates is subject to availability of vacancy on the day of reporting. Number of vacant seats after admission of Select List candidates, if any, will be uploaded on the website daily till the completion of admission process.

The Joining Instructions for candidates is available on the website.

Candidates should regularly visit websites, and for updates and status of vacancies.