British Council has invited nomination for the second edition of its 70th Anniversary, fully-funded, Scholarship programme for Indian Women, to pursue a Master’s programme in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) at UK's premier, higher education institutions.

The scholarship programme is part of British Council’s endeavour to be a partner in India's economic growth, and to meet the knowledge ambitions of states across India and are being offered as part of the 70th anniversary in India celebrations of the British Council.

The scholarships will enable Indian women to study at some of the leading UK universities, work in world-class research environments and collaborate with international research teams. British Council will also train the scholars to enable them to create an impact of their work in STEM through effective use of social media and science communication. 

The scholarship programme, will fund full tuition for 70 Indian women to study a Master’s programme in STEM for the academic year 2019-20, enabling young women to access some of the world’s best universities in UK

British Council’s investment in women scholars supports its objectives of Sustainable Development Goal to achieve gender equality and empower women and girls and encourage Women who are likely to become leaders in their fields over the next twenty years

Scholarship Details

The scholarships are open to women across India. The scholarship will cover full tuition for Master’s in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), programme in a UK university starting September/ October 2019.  Boarding, living and other on-campus expenses will have to be borne by the candidate or their sponsor. 

Application process

Interested students will need to submit their application for the scholarship through their chosen UK University as per the following steps.

Step I:  Applicant should be ready to pursue a one year master’s programme in a STEM subject at a UK university in September 2019. Applicant should have an admission to a UK University to pursue a STEM course of her choice. Applicant should have excellent academic and extracurricular track record. Applicant should hold a valid Indian passport.

Step II: Formal admission offer has to be made for a Master’s programme in a STEM subject at a UK university. Applicant should contact her UK University’s international office or scholarship team and Confirm with the UK University if she qualifies for the British Council 70th year Scholarships 2019-20, and request for a nomination for the scholarship. Details on applying to Universities can be seen at  

Step III: Post nomination by UK University: Applicant should confirm with the UK University that her nomination is submitted. Applicant will be directed by the university to submit an application for the British Council 70th year Scholarship 2019-20 which may be completed by submitting a complete application before January 31, 2019. Post submission, the applicant will receive an email with the application details for reference 


The decision by a UK higher education institution to nominate a candidate for the British Council 70th Year Scholarships 2019-20, will be the institution’s responsibility and the British Council will have no role in it. It is the nominated candidate’s responsibility to ensure that the complete application for the British Council 70th year Scholarships 2019-20 is submitted before the deadline of January 31, 2019

Each application from the nominated candidate will be reviewed by the British Council panel based on predefined criteria. The final selection and decision of awarding the scholarship award will rest with the British Council’s selection panel. If an applicant has been nominated by more than one UK institution for the scholarships, the application form should clearly indicate the name of the UK University; the applicant is intending to attend. Only one application can be submitted per candidate with the UK institution details.

Candidates must disclose on her application form whether they have applied, or intend to apply, for any other scholarships or awards. The decision to apply to other scholarships will not be held against the candidate for the final award.

Other conditions

Selected scholars cannot accept any additional funding towards tuition that will be covered by the Scholarship.

Selected scholars with conditional offers will need to ensure that all admission requirements are met. Once the final offer is shared by the UK institution, the candidate will need to confirm the admission offer with the British Council. Failure to complete the admission formalities will lead to withdrawal of the scholarship.

Selected Scholars have to sign a scholarship award letter which lists the terms and conditions aligned to British Council’s policies.

Selected candidates should participate in all trainings, professional development and networking opportunities provided by the British Council in India and the UK.

The selected candidates must act as a brand ambassador for the British Council and their home country while in the UK.

Scholars are expected to engage on social media platforms during their stay in the UK and share their experiences about studying in the UK.

On return from the UK, scholars need to maintain contact with the British Council and contribute as a brand ambassador for Study UK by attending interviews and share experiences on platforms such as exhibitions and the pre-departure events

Once the UKHEI and the scholar have confirmed the programme and course details, no change in course area will be permitted without prior approval from the British Council. In exceptional conditions, if a request for a course change is made, it will need to be within the STEM field of study and no additional payments will be made by the British Council towards higher tuition costs.

For more information, visit the ‘Study in UK’, ‘Scholarships’ links at