Kasaragod: As part of making green campus a realtiy, Kerala Central Universtiy has come up with a project for adopting trees. As a part of the project, the facutly and staff of the universtiy will adopt one or more trees and take up the responsibiltiy of the same.

Apart from planting fruit trees, bottlebrush plants that bear attractive flowers will also be planted in the campus. Thousands of trees could be protected in this way, believes the organisers. The project is being implemented by the Campus Development Committee under the direction of Vice-Chancellor Prof. H. Venkateshwarlu.

Campus Development Committee member Dr. Ginny Antony is the coordinator of the project. The project was inaugurated by Vice-Chancellor Prof. H. Venkateshwarlu by planting four trees on the campus. As part of the green campus, more than a thousand plants will be planted on campus in the next phase. Steps are also being taken to make the mini forest a realtiy with over half a lakh trees.