Thiruvananthapuram: 28 mobile phones have been seized from students in connection with B.Tech mass copying incident. These phones have been seized from 4 colleges. It has been found that the students carried an extra phone and one phone was kept outside to deceive the invigilators.

16 phones were captured from a single college alone. 10 phones were seized from another college. A lot of WhatsApp groups were functioning to aid mass copying. It is revealed that answers for up to 75 marks have appeared in these WhatsApp groups.

The first stage of the copying involves the students taking photo of the questions and sharing it on the WhatsApp group. Once the questions are shared, the answers to these questions will appear in the group. Kerala Technical University had canceled the B.Tech 3rd-semester exams which took place on Friday. Meanwhile, the decision regarding filing a police complaint on the incident will be taken after the next syndicate meeting.