Edappal: The Pareeksha Bhavan secretary published a statement on July 20 which questioned the way the parents are forced to take multiple visits to the Pareeksha Bhavan for SSLC certificate correction.

The order says that the applications received should be send the same day via a messenger without troubling the parents by making them travel to Thiruvananthapuram especially for this.

The order also says that no special fees should be levied for the laminated certificates. The new order was issued as an earlier order issued on May 30 was not followed strictly.

The corrected certificates should be distributed through the schools itself, said the statement.

But most of the time, the parents or the school authorities were forced to go in-person for corrections to Pareeksha Bhavan at Thiruvananthapuram.

So through the statement the secretary has asked the school authorities to collect the certificates which needed correction and send them together to District Education Office from which it would be collected by the Pareeksha Bhavan. Also the corrected certificates should be collected by the schools and distributed accordingly.