Leander Paes, a tennis idol and an ageless wonder

S. R. Suryanarayan



In exactly a week's time, this lion-hearted player who had conjured up so many wonderful moments in tennis and earned rewards too, would be turning 47, an age when many of his ilk would perhaps have hung up their boots and racquets and taken to reminiscing the enjoyable past! But not this resolute man who has not just defied age but shown the world of tennis the fruits of his dedication, commitment and fixity of purpose with an array of achievements.

Europe, the worst affected by the Pandemic at one time seems now ready to open up to sporting activities. Atleast Germany has defied the odds with football showing the way. The Bundesliga has begun in empty stadium. Italy is to follow suit and Spain too. These were the countries that were laid low by the COVID-19. So are we seeing light at the end of the tunnel!

Possibly and possibly not because the pandemic is still on and world by and large continues to reel. Thousands and thousands of sportspersons remain on their toes, praying for an early get back for there are dreams and dreams to be fulfilled, new milestones to be reached and what not. Only a sportsperson on the cusp of a major achievement could really understand the pain of this forced stalling of activities. One such for sure has to be Leander Adrian Paes, India's tennis idol and an ageless wonder.