His retirement, another special act from Mahendra Singh Dhoni!


by S. R. Suryanarayan

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In his leaving, it can be said, an era, one of the best in fact, in Indian cricket history has come to an end.

On the anniversary day of India's independence, Mahendra Singh Dhoni decided to make a landmark decision, to retire from International cricket forthwith. As has been his wont, Dhoni did it in his own special style. If sixes were what used to be associated with him in all his daring and dashing batting that had lit up the faces of millions as he coasted India to victories in the most thrilling fashion, this time around, he liberated his critics perhaps of the agony of knowing when and where he would finally quit the game by taking the social media as the tool!

Not just that but in keeping with his image as a 'cool captain' he did it from the cozy environs of his team hotel in Chennai. Dhoni had only arrived the previous day for the Chennai Super King short duration practice session before the team was to move base to the UAE where the IPL is scheduled from September 19.


Back in 2014 when he announced his retirement from Test cricket in the midst of the away Australia series, it was the BCCI which circulated the news not him and that took the press corp by surprise. Expectedly, it was another surprise from Dhoni. But it did not take long before social media and twitter exploded with reactions and emotions. Understandably. For not in recent times has a player caught the imagination of the fans as he had done with his willow and his on-field demeanours.

To say he virtually changed the Indian cricketers mindset may not be wrong for if anything he brought out that innate strength, self belief and the abilities of an Indian cricketer and how! Dhoni was the mastermind in helping Indian cricket touch the peak by becoming the number one Test nation in the World.

In his leaving, it can be said, an era, one of the best in fact, in Indian cricket history has come to an end. Most of all it must be said, it was Dhoni who brought out the thrills of a limited over cricket format with his ability to chase down totals with the kind of resoluteness, assurance and a touch of chutzpah that was something unique about him.