New Delhi: The condition of cine actor T P Madhavan remains critical after he swooned at his room in Haridwar on Friday. He is currently admitted to the intensive care unit of the Haridwar City hospital.

According to Vishnu Namboothiri, the priest of Ayyappa temple in Haridwar, though he informed Madhavan’s relatives of his health condition, none of them have responded till Friday evening.

He said Madhavan had reached Haridwar a week ago.

The actor came to know about the Ayyappa temple through media reports on the arrest of a murder case accused here. Vishnu Namboothiri had arranged accommodation facility for him on the temple premises.

Madhavan, who seemed jovial, swooned all of sudden inside his room on Friday afternoon. Immediately, he was rushed to Haridwar City hospital, where doctors detected heart illness. In the meanwhile, both sides of his body suffered paralysis.

He also lost consciousness on a few occasions and anything could be said about his health condition after keeping him under observation for three days, say doctors.

“I tried to contact Madhavan’s relatives over phone and also informed his friends in cine field. However, none has responded yet,” Vishnu Namboothiri added.