"I don’t have many connections with film stars. But M. G. Soman was my close friend and so was Murali. I like Mammootty and Mohan Lal very much. I could meet them during the 90th anniversary celebrations of Mathrubhumi at Ernakulam.

I gave a kiss to both of them. What smooth cheeks they have! Even smoother than women’s cheek! Both of them are committed actors. Mohalal is a born actor and Mammootty is a self-made actor. Both are great. Mohanlal is an expert of expressions. I have watched his ‘Manjil Virinja Pookkal’. I know about their families too.

I’ve visited Mammootty’s house, when his father died. His is an ordinary family of farmers. Though he pretends to be a bit serious outside, Mammootty is basically a pure soul. His family background and simplicity made him such a great actor.

On the other hand, Mohan Lal was brought up in an elite family background. His father was a finance secretary. He gave a retirement party to his friends and went to the office next day as usual. He was deeply committed to his job. His mother also is an educated lady with a taste for music. Lal is graceful actor. He is good at reading, has a lot of friendships, and loves everyone. When he meets my friends, he would ask them, ‘Have you met Punathil recently? Which girlfriend is with him now?’

In contrast, Mammootty is rather stubborn. He lives inside a chess board square. I had visited the location of ‘Vilkkanund Swapnangal’ by Azad, as MT invited me. Mammootty was a handsome young man then. When MT saw Sukumaran taunting Mammootty, he called Sukumaran and said, ‘Just stop teasing him, man… He is a new guy. Tell him what to do…’. I was impressed with Mammootty, when I watched ‘Yavanika’. He is not a hero in it. But we would fall in love with that policeman named Jacob Eerali, while watching the film."

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