Pranab Mukherjee

Pranab's 4-volume autobiography encapsulates India from 1970s to present

Never known to spend an idle moment during his five-decade journey in politics, during ..

Padmam Nair
Even at 100, this granny wants to continue fabric painting and sewing
Rajith Kumar
I'm not a misogynist; Ready to marry to change that: Rajith Kumar
India's forgotten war with China
KR Gowri Amma

How did Gowri Amma fall in love with T. V. Thomas? Veteran leader opens up

K. R. Gowri Amma is one of the strongest political leaders in Kerala. The veteran lady politician is remembering her a century-long ..

hydrangea novel

A woman's naked body in bedroom with pink hydrangea flowers spread all over!

Haritha got down from the treadmill. Her whole body was covered in sweat. She swept away the sweat beads on her face using a hand towel ..


How Suraj Venjaramoodu became a fan of dhoti!

‘Chirimayam’ is a compilation of Suraj Venjaramoodu’s memoirs. This book that can be perceived at different levels, ..


‘I have tricked people into doing things’, says actor Innocent

In order to make things happen the way one wishes, everyone would use certain tricks. Even I have done that sometimes. When the A.M ..


The 2 incidents which Maniyanpilla Raju recollects in his book 'Chirichum Chiripichum'

I have been constantly staying in room number 504 at Palmgrove Hotel, Chennai. Priyan used to stay with me in that room before he became ..

Salim Kumar

What's the name? Salim Kumar forgets name of his son

It happened when the movie ‘Thenkasipattanam’ was released. The movie was a huge hit and the key people behind the movie ..

Maniyanpilla Raju

'Chirichum Chirippichum’ - a collection of memories by Maniyanpilla Raju

‘Chirichum Chirippichum’ is a collection of memories of a young man named Sudheer Kumar, better known by his stage name ..


Triumph of Innocence

‘Cancer Wardile Chiri’ is authored by Malayalam actor-comedian Innocent which includes his experiences when he was a cancer ..

parvathy and mukundan

“I’ll recommend Parvathy, if my work is turned into film,” says M. Mukundan

Literary legend M. Mukundan opined that he will recommend actress Parvathy, if any of his works is turned into a movie. "She ..


What attracts women? Punathil's interesting reply

Punathil Kunjabdulla was known for his unique style. Anything and everything he wants to express he will put it out there. In an interview ..

jayaram and parvathy

When Jayaram lost his dhoti and covered himself in a newspaper

When it comes to the celebrity inaugurations, there is a funny story of actor Jayaram. Once, Jayaram was invited to inaugurate a textile ..

'My Son's Inheritance': An eye-opening myth-buster
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