T DamodaranA scripwriter who created a political foundation for mainstream Malayalam cirnema. A scriptwriter who overturned the traditional way of presenting drama.

This book analyses the life and works of T Damodaran, the maverick scriptwriter, who also made his mark as  a writer, dramatist, actor and referee.

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The book “T Damodaran: Jeevithavum Rachanayum”, is a book about the master scriptwriter T Damodaran, affectionately called "Master" by his friends,  who has penned the script for superhit films like Angadi, Ahimsa, Ee Nadu, Vartha, Avanazhi, Adimakal Udamakal, Aryan, Inspector Balram, Abhimanyu, Advaitham and Kalapani.  In this book, readers get to know the multi-faceted personality of T Damodaran who overturned the traditional style in the field of drama through his novel ideas and ways of presentation, and who made his mark as a writer, dramatist, actor and referee.

The books comprises three parts. Memories of Damodaran's friends and colleagues, the famous drama "Udanja Vigrahangal” written in the backdrop of the split in communist party in 60s, ‘Bandhanam’, the only short story Damodaran Master had written and which was published in Mathrubhumi weekly and a gallery of memories on Kozhikode, which is master’s favourite city, are included in the book.

MP Veerendra Kumar, who was Damodaran's classmate at Zamorins Guruvayurappan college, has written the foreword for the  book.  Damodaran’s daughter Deedi Damodaran, who is also the editor of the book, has written the introduction titiled  “To father” (Achan).

In the appendix, a note titled "Udanja Vigrahangalkku" written by Premchand is included, and also contains around twenty photos showing many precious moments in Damodaran’s life.

Hariharan, who is the director of Damodaran's first film "Love marriage", John Paul , one of his closest friends and colleague, PV Gangadharan, who produced several of his superhits, Maniratnam, who directed "Unaroo," and scripted by Damodaran,  IV Sasi , the director of many superhits, Priyadarshan, who directed Kalapani, a milestone in Malayalam cinema, Mammooty, Mohalal, NG John, Anil Kumar Thiruvoth, Advoate Nirmal Kumar and  Dr KP VIjayakumar  have shared their memories in the first part titled "Memories."

The book will help readers know about Damodaran Master, the maverick scriptwriter, sportsman, dramatist, commendator and the man himself. Moreover, readers can also experience the golden years of Malayalam cinema, drama and sports through the book.