In connection with the poem plagiarism row, teacher-writer Deepa Nisanth tendered her apologies to S Kalesh and the society. ‘As a person involved in social matters and as a teacher, it was a grave mistake from my part,’ she told

‘It was M J Sreechithran who gave me the poem of S Kalesh. All this happened after he made me believe that the poem was his own. I came to know that he has misled many others in the same way. It happened because of my carelessness. It shouldn’t have happened and I feel guilty,’ Deepa Nisanth said.

‘With this, I have become ineligible to talk about ethics to my students. However, all students are in support of me. I happened to know that my students said these matters will not affect them as they interact with me as a teacher and not as a writer. Along with this, other teachers in the department also supported me emotionally and mentally,’ she added.

Deepa Nisanth responded on the matter as a controversy arose after a poem penned by S Kalesh was published in the service magazine of AKPCTA (All Kerala Private College Teachers' Association) under her name. Deepa had already apologised to Kalesh on this issue.