Tovino Thomas, the romantic hero of Mollywood, is in the role of a story writer now. As his latest film ‘Oru Kuprasidha Payyan’ directed by Madhupal is about to release soon, Tovino has come up with a book authored by him. The book is titled 'Oru Kuprasidha Payyante Kurippukal' (Notes of a Notorious Young Man).

The young hero has penned a number of notes on the subjects like education, reading, travel, love, new media, fans, invisible people in cinema, Dhanush, Madhavikkutty, religion, politics, humanity and the like. The book comprises 30 chapters.

Why education is not updated according to changing times when everything from car to phone is getting updated every month, Tovino asks through his note ‘Chila Vidyabhyasa Chinthakal’ (Some Thoughts on Education) in the book. He also tells his fans who love him to encourage other films which he is not part of.

Tovino also shares many memories since he was a mere spectator in the beginning to his growth as a film star. In a note titled ‘Pralayapaadangal’ (Lessons of Flood), he wrote that Keralites loved each other regardless of caste, religion and politics only during the recent floods that devastated the state.

Tovino has dedicated his first book to all the known and unknown persons who made him capable of sharing the memories and experiences in the form of a book. The book will soon be available in the book stores.