There are no excuses for not improving your English. In the age of digital invasion, Englishskillsone, a progressive web app designed by Dr Premanand, is an easy, interesting and effective way for students of degree courses to enhance their language skills.

Premanand is a professor who sees that students need an education infused with technology. Hence he developed an app besides a practice book called “Nuts and Bolts” for college students which uses modern technology tools to help learning.

The app gets maximum views during exam times and students coming under the Calicut University utilise this to the maximum. The Infographics section of the app gives the summary of the chapter in graphical format. Podcast is also available for audio summaries and poetry readings.

Nuts and Bolts takes you on an informative journey through English and could be seen as the nuts and bolts of effective writing and learning skills. The book was shortlisted for ELTons award, British Council’s Innovative award for English language teaching and learning worldwide, last year. The book is useful for UG and degree students and highlights on the tear-off practice.

Anyone who wish to enhance their English skills or pursue competitive exams can depend on this book. The interesting practice book has been conceived with the help of 30 teachers for use in classrooms and is first of its kind in India.

Dr Premanand

The present generation students use smartphones for information gathering and that has been put to maximum practice by Premanand, Associate Professor and Head of the Department of English of Malabar Christian College.

Premanand is happy that the book has received wide recognition among his peers. The book has been widely accepted from around 20 colleges coming under the Calicut University and is on its 3rd edition with added features.

What makes Nuts and Bolts stand out. True to its name, it is a basic book for students who may find that it could be worked out in classroom using technology and the phonetic chart in the inner covers improves the pronunciation.

The book has got practice sheets with reading, grammar, vocabulary, speaking, writing and pronunciation. The book has pre and post assessment sheets to grade the students.

What is more captivating and useful for students is the Read Out Loud section to identify words from their transcription. After a student finishes the book, the pages can be torn off and pasted right in front of them for future reference.


The book was developed by Premanand with grants from UGC. He realised that there was no proper systematised book to improve the communicative skills of students.

“When I visited rural villages, I came to know from teachers and students the need for a pucca workbook and then evolved the process where speaking, listening, reading, writing and grammar was incorporated,” he said.

Premanand said that Nuts and Bolts is issued as part of the Communicative English Certificate Curriculum and is mainly meant for rural and tertiary learners of the English language.

The response has been tremendous from degree learners and their reading and writing skills has improved by 65 percent, according to the professor. Premanand hopes that the app and book would also help students going for IELTS by adding more resources.