KSRTC allows standing passengers on Super Class buses

Thiruvananthapuram: KSRTC has amended its Kerala Motor Vehicle (KMV) Act allowing standing passengers on its super class bus category. The amendment is made to resolve the High Court verdict on March 27 banning standing passengers on super class buses of KSRTC like Super-Fast, Super Express, etc.

As per the KMV Act, Super Class buses are permitted to carry passengers equivalent to its seating capacity. The new amendment excluded Super-Fast and Express services from the category of Super Class. Only Volvo, Scania Multi axle buses which run on long routes are included in Super Class category. Generally, they don't accommodate passengers more than their seating capacity.

The High Court issued a ban on standing passengers on Super Class buses on an appeal filed by the Centre for Consumer Education. The appeal highlighted that standing passengers are illegal on Super Class buses. The High Court ruled in favour of appeal. KSRTC approached the government to resolve the issue. The Court then suggested that if needed government can relax the act for KSRTC.

KSRTC informed government that according to the new rule, it would lead to high rush on other buses further leading to a great passenger crisis. Generally, at night Super-Fast and Express buses run. Short distance passengers depend mostly on these buses despite seat availability. Currently there are 620 buses in this category. As per Bus Body Code, road tax is calculated according to the size of bus platform. Therefore, KSRTC will be affected with the passenger restriction. Public also were in support of the plea for allowing standing passengers.

Since 2013, only KSRTC owns fast service permits. Therefore, the verdict would be affect only public sector rather than private buses, government observed.

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