Nilambur teak gets GI tag, becomes first forest produce to enter the club

Nilambur (Malappuram): The Geographical Indication (GI) Registry and Intellectual Property India has awarded the Geographical Indication Tag status to the prestigious Nilambur teak.
Known for its superior timber quality and appearance, it is the first forest produce to bag the tag.
Nilambur Teak Heritage Society obtained the GI certificate after which their seal will be required on Nilambur teaks. Also the timber being sold at the depots of the forest department will also require the seal.
Also the GI tag will help in boosting the possibilities of the teak and will lead to increase in its plantation.
Nilambur teak are in two varieties, the indigenous variety and the forest kind sold at two rates. Indigenous variety are sold at low cost which will now be checked upto a limit.

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