Woman prank caller showers abuse on Kottayam man for rejecting 'lucky prize'

Kottayam: It seems that the prank callers have gone one step ahead from requesting people on the other end of the phone to accept thier 'attractive' offers to threatening them to buy thier 'gifts'. A native of Kolladu in Kottayam had a similar experience when he was contacted by a caller in female voice, informing him that his mobile number has won 'lucky gold coin'.
The phone caller introduced herself as a representative of a Jewellery shop based in Hyderabad. She said he has won three gold coins of 3 grams each. She further asked for his address to send the gift and said that he should pay Rs 1000 to the postman.
She also informed that they will open a new branch in Kochi soon.
Suspecting it to be a prank call, he refused the gift. To his surprise, the caller uttered abusive words at him. She immediately disconnected the call without allowing the man to respond.
It is reported that many people in Kottayam are receiving such prank phone calls recently. Though they has tried to call back on that number, there was no response.

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