No freedom at home; teenagers run away from house in car

Kothamangalam: Two 15-year-olds left their house in car, complaining of lack of freedom at home. The class 10 students were finally found when their car met with an accident on the way. The children, who are natives of Ottapalam, are close relatives.
Four cases have been charged in the name of the owner of the car for overspeeding. The teenagers took the around Rs 15 lakh worth car from their house. Both left the home two days ago, and were caught by the police at Neriamangalam.
As said by the police, the teenagers left the house on Monday night with Rs 2000. They pushed the car from the porch without waking the relatives. While returning from Munnar via Aluva, the car hit against an iron bar on the roadside at Neriamangalam. They pushed the car to a workshop nearby.
The workshop owner asked Rs 2500 for repairing the car. But the duo scooted from the place with the car key. Since the workshop owner could not find them, he informed the police. With the clues given by him, the police soon found the duo. The teenagers were planning to take the car and escape at night as they were out of cash.
Oonnukal sub-inspector T. M. Sufi said that the children were found to have driven the car in 100-120 km speed on the highway. Both the teenagers told the police that they do not get any freedom at home. Their parents do not let them roam around after school time and during holidays. The police contacted the relatives and the teenagers were sent with their parents.

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