Man threatens patrons with toy gun at Thrissur mall

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Mulakkunnathukavu (Thrissur): People who came to watch a movie at the mall was allegedly threatened by a person holding a gun on Sunday. For almost 15 minutes the people were under the grip of fear. Later when the police came and inspected the scene, it was found that the man was holding a toy gun.
Subash (23), a Vadakkanchery Ottupara native, was arrested by the police from the Sobha City Mall on Sunday evening. On New Year eve, there were restrictions for entry into the mall.
Subash had reached here with friends to watch film. He suddenly took out the gun from his pocket and held at others.
The security guards here suddenly took him down and locked him up in a car. The Viyyur police were then informed.
At first he told the police that he was a student of the Kerala Varma College and since tensions existed, he kept the gun for his security.
But the police found he was not a student.
Later he was taken to the police station and police found that the gun was only a toy. His arrest has been recorded.
On further questioning, Subash confessed that he carried the gun as a precautionary measure suspecting the brothers of his girlfriend, who are against his relationship, are following him.

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