Drug hunt by excise; Rs 10 lakh worth hashish oil seized in Thrissur

Thrissur: Excise officers seized more than half a kilogram of hashish oil which was brought targeting the students. They arrested two persons in connection with the case. Also a new bike without registration, which was used to smuggle the hashish oil and other things, were caught by the officers.
Malappuram Palappetty natives Alungal Jabir (28) and Pulikkal Noushad (30) were arrested. Another person was nabbed the other day for smuggling hashish. The investigation following the arrest led to the drug hunt.
As per the statement of the arrested persons, they got the hashish oil from Visakhapatnam. It is sold for Rs 2000 per gram. They have also formed a WhatsApp group in the name 'Hashtag' for the purpose of its sale. The excise officers said that the drug, which is also known as sleeping gum', has high demand in college campus.
They have also seized the papers used for making the hashish in cigarette form mixing it with ganja. The sellers used to offer the drug free of cost for the first-time users to attract them, said Thrissur Excise Deputy Commissioner T. V. Raphel. The excise officers are interrogating the suspects.

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