Chain snatching; culprits suspected to be Neyyattinkara natives

Neyyattinkara: The chain snatchers who snatched gold chains from a woman in broad daylight near Neyyattinkara hospital junction are suspected to be natives of Neyyattinkara. The CCTV footages gathered from nearby shops showed that the snatchers had been following the woman from TB junction before they snatched her chain.
Two bike riders snatched 10 sovereign of gold chain from a Kadavattaram native woman on Wednesday by 1.45 pm. As the snatchers moved in the direction of Thozhukkal jail, they were suspected to be natives. They grabbed the chain when the woman was getting out of a shop in the hospital junction with her husband. The visual of snatching was recorded in the CCTV camera in the shops nearby.
The snatching seems to be well-planned, as they were seen following the woman from TB junction. The visual of a nearly 25-year-old man wearing spectacles was recorded in the CCTV cameras set up in hospital junction.

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