Yesudas’s favourite guitarist Emile Isaac passes away

Kochi: Eminent guitarist and an associate of singer Yesudas, Emile Isaac, passed away here on Wednesday. He was undergoing treatment for paralysis. Though a Kochi native, Emile was residing in Kolkata.
Son of famous violinist Jo Isaac and singer Emilda, Emile began his stint with the Azad Club along with Joby George, C O Anto and Seero Babu and later started his own music group. He was taken as guitarist of Yesudas and had assisted the veteran singer in most of his concerts.
Emile was lead guitarist of the Western Pope Group called Flamingo. He was part of Mervin Roofes troupe and was more active in performing at devotional musical concerts.
Emile performed with famous personalities like Usha Uthup. Several music programmes was performed by Emile with Usha and he was chief sound recordist in Ushas Kolkata studio Vibrations.
Emiles family is deeply oriented towards music. He is survived by wife Helen and 2 children.

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