Writer, cartoonist, traveller ‘Subaida’ still lives here, forgotten by all

By: C. V. Nidhin
Writer Subaida aka AboobakkarPhoto: Mathrubhumi
Neeleswaram: A writer, who wished to travel around the world, wandered across the nook and corner of the country and penned the life he experienced in the journey. But now he is trapped inside the house leading to a distressed life. The writer and cartoonist Subaida Neeleswaram aka Aboobakkar lives with his wife Subaida in his house at Thottam in Neeleswaram, without any means for food or treatment.
The monthly amount of Rs 1500 granted by Sahitya Academy is his sole income. Aboobakkar who spent his entire youth for drawing and writing, is now suffering from memory loss after a blood clot in his brain. He does not know about his disease. He still wants to travel and write. But the weakness in his limbs prevents him from travelling and writing. The man who always treasured friendships is now abandoned by everyone. Only a very few visit him sometimes. When asked whether he is pained about this, he just gave a sad gesture.
Aboobakkar has penned more than 20 books including 'Alami', 'Jailkurippukal', 'Nagnasareeram', 'Parippu Murikkunna Kathi', and 'Haridwar'. His short story 'Karinagam' has been included in the syllabus of MA Malayalam programme of Kannur University. Aboobakkars joined Chandrika weekly in 1970 for his first job. Later he worked in many other newspapers. Though he chose letters as his way of living, the literary world failed to honour him properly.

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