Tips For Farming
quickstick rat killer

Make organic rat killer from ‘Seemakonna’

Rats can be a menace at households in all seasons. Usually, people try artificial ..

Make yummy candies out of watermelon rind!
Have a healthy bite: Guidelines to grow guava at home
Rose gardening
Meat residue water can give wonders to your garden rose
jackfruit seeds

How to keep jackfruit seeds for long without refrigeration?

The only trick we know to increase the shelf life of food items is to refrigerate them. Gone are the days when our grandparents used ..


Tips to grow Rambutan; the gorgeous, delicious and moneymaking fruit

Rambutan is one of the fruits popular for its tempting taste. In Kerala, red and yellow coloured rambutan fruit varieties are cultivated ..


Bee Keeper’s Diary: An app for helping honeybee farmers

In order to help the apiculturists or honeybee farmers, a mobile application has been developed by ‘Madhusree Honey Farm’ ..

grow bag

Get your grow bags a ‘rain guard’ in monsoon; ‘sun screen’ in summer

The months long monsoon and summer in Kerala affects the texture of the soil. The changes in weather is very likely to form clumps ..

rooftop farming

Tips to make more profit out of rooftop farming

With consistent efforts from agriculture department, many people have started growing vegetables and other essential crops on their ..


Avocado is the new trend: Easy ways to grow

Avocado is popularly known as butter fruit because of its butter-like taste. Avocado grows well and bears fruit in Kerala’s climate ..

Winged bean

Know about 'Chathura Payar' which is the best of legumes?

Winged bean, which is locally known as ‘Chathura Payar’, is one of the legumes that contains the highest quantity of protein ..

vanilla flower

Tips to grow vanilla, the most loved flavour

Vanilla is one of the popular cash crops. In Kerala, vanilla is cultivated in Idukki, Wayanad and Ernakulam. Though frequent changes ..


How to differentiate edible fig tree

Fig trees are commonly found in many campuses in Kerala. But when they bear fruits, people often seem to be confused whether they are ..


‘Communist Pacha’ can be used as effective manure

Some of the weeds which farmers consider as a curse can actually be a boon, if wisely utilized. Weeds can be turned into effective ..


Leaf powder pesticides for guarding kitchen garden

Pest control is an important part of farming which can turn out to be a serious threat to the crops, if ignored. To resolve this ..

Anthurium and Orchid

Tips to scientifically pack Anthurium and Orchid

Orchid and Anthurium are two flowering plants that have high scope in the market and in export sector. Once the flowers are harvested, ..

Drumstick leaves

Drumstick leaves extract as organic growth hormone for plants

When the plants in out gardens fail to flourish or bear fruit in the right time, most of us take resort to growth hormones. However, ..

egg shell

Eggshell powder to enrich vegetable cultivation

Bio-manure is most suitable for vegetable cultivation. Most of the farmers buy organic fertilizers from Krishi Bhavan or other agricultural ..


Shallot peel solution for insect menace

The peel and outer layers of shallot onion and garlic can be used as effective pesticides in organic farming. Collect the peel and ..

reduviid bug

Reduviid bugs for pest control in vegetable, fruit farms

Reduviid bug or assassin bug, locally known as ‘Chenchazhi’, is a beneficial insect that controls pests like caterpillars ..

Banana peel

Banana peel as a growth booster for plants

Banana peel is usually thrown away carelessly to the dust bin. In fact, banana peel can be used as a perfect manure for the kitchen ..


10 simple tips to maintain a healthy vegetable garden

One cannot do away with green chillies in our day-to-day food. Why not plant it in your own backyard and get maximum chillie peppers ..


Have a Drumstick Tree; Learn the Farming Techniques

Drumsticks and Moringa leaves, a perennial favorite of Malayalis, has always been in high demand. The article enumerates the effective ..

neem oil

Use neem oil insecticide in gardens

Pesticides are the biggest enemy for organic farming nowadays. Even with high yielding seeds, we are unable to protect our plants from ..


Black rot in cabbage? Here is how you manage

`Black rot’ disease in Cabbage plants is seen during seasons where there is strong mist and winds. Black rot disease in cabbage ..

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