Tips For Farming
Anas Nassar

Young entrepreneur shows how plants flourish in soilless potting mix

There are many people who grow ornamental plants inside households. Many of them ..

Jute sack pond in PJ Joseph's land
P J Joseph's son experiments with jute sack pond for fish farming
Snake Gourd Farming (Padavalam)
10 tips to boost yield of snake gourd
long beans
Save your long beans plant from bugs
Saritha Teacher at her farm

Online farming lessons by Hindi teacher becomes a hit among students during lockdown

Kakkanad (Ernakulam): As the students are sitting idle at their homes during lockdown, Saritha Teacher decided to give them some farming ..

Brinjal intercropping

Farmer shows how intercropping brinjal among coconut trees gives profit

Kozhinjampara (Palakkad): When farmer Thiruvenkidam started intercropping brinjal among coconut trees, he was only experimenting it ..


Tips to collect top quality seeds of vegetables

Many people have turned to farming during the lockdown period. Since many of them are beginners who tried their hand at farming to ..

Drumstick tree

Curd, honey, sugar syrup... here are some tricks to boost yield of drumstick tree

Drumstick tree is very common in the households in Kerala. The drumstick leaves are nutritious and have high demand in market. The ..

Chandran's vegetable garden

Retd teacher shows how to get maximum yield by watering only once in 5 days

If we get good yields even when the vegetable plants are irrigated only once in five days in this scorching summer, then it can be ..


Silk farmer in Palakkad invents affordable method to preserve cocoons during lockdown

Silk farmers in Kerala are going through a tough time ever since the cocoon markets in Karnataka were closed as part of COVID-19 prevention ..

badarudeen arch trellis

Portable arch trellis for growing climbers all year around

Making safe trellis to give support to vines is a challenge for farmers. Climbing vegetables like bitter gourd, long beans, cucumber ..

Roselle plant

Plant a Roselle in kitchen garden, replace tamarind in curries

Roselle plant is locally known as ‘Pulivenda’, ‘Mathippuli’ and ‘Meenpuli’ in Kerala. Its scientific ..


Spinach price at Rs 120 per kg; Boost for farmers, shock for buyers

Kanjikkuzhi (Alappuzha): After onion, shallot and drumstick, spinach is has also been added to the list of expensive vegetables. The ..

coffee plant

Coffee is more than what you think; It prevents soil erosion, survives flood!

Coffee plants are ideal solution for soil erosion as its roots go deeper into the ground and the plants grow close to each other. Even ..

Ramakrishnan areca nut peeler maker

Percussionist turns inventor; develops ‘low cost areca nut peeler’

A new easy areca nut peeler developed by Kozhikode Panthalayani native Ramakrishnan has become popular for its simplicity and affordability ..


Mobile app to act as guide for mushroom farming and industry

The Directorate of Mushroom Research at Solan of Himachal Pradesh has introduced a mobile app ‘’ including detailed information ..

quickstick rat killer

Make organic rat killer from ‘Seemakonna’

Rats can be a menace at households in all seasons. Usually, people try artificial rat poison or traps to get rid of rats. But using ..


Make yummy candies out of watermelon rind!

When we eat the flesh of watermelon and throw out its rind, it becomes a waste in the surroundings. But the researchers of Navsari ..


Have a healthy bite: Guidelines to grow guava at home

Growing our own fruit plants is the best idea to avoid consuming pesticide residue in the fruits bought from markets. Guava is ..

Rose gardening

Meat residue water can give wonders to your garden rose

If you have in your garden, take good care of them to get bigger and brighter flowers. becomes more beautiful when the plant is healthy ..


Easy way to grow roots in almond bought from market

Almond is one of the much-loved nutty snacks rich with nutrients. But does anyone know how to grow an almond tree in our yard? It’s ..


Use this idea to keep raw mangoes for long without losing taste

Mangoes are one of the most popular fruits of Keralites. The soaring price of mangoes might have made many of us search for ways to ..

jackfruit seeds

How to keep jackfruit seeds for long without refrigeration?

The only trick we know to increase the shelf life of food items is to refrigerate them. Gone are the days when our grandparents used ..


Tips to grow Rambutan; the gorgeous, delicious and moneymaking fruit

Rambutan is one of the fruits popular for its tempting taste. In Kerala, red and yellow coloured rambutan fruit varieties are cultivated ..


Bee Keeper’s Diary: An app for helping honeybee farmers

In order to help the apiculturists or honeybee farmers, a mobile application has been developed by ‘Madhusree Honey Farm’ ..

grow bag

Get your grow bags a ‘rain guard’ in monsoon; ‘sun screen’ in summer

The months long monsoon and summer in Kerala affects the texture of the soil. The changes in weather is very likely to form clumps ..

rooftop farming

Tips to make more profit out of rooftop farming

With consistent efforts from agriculture department, many people have started growing vegetables and other essential crops on their ..


Avocado is the new trend: Easy ways to grow

Avocado is popularly known as butter fruit because of its butter-like taste. Avocado grows well and bears fruit in Kerala’s climate ..

Following organic method, this lady grows vegetable garden on terrace, fruit garden in backyard
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