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Arinellikka star gooseberry

'Arinellikka' plant not giving fruits yet? A few tips...

Star gooseberry which is also known as the Otaheite gooseberry, Malay gooseberry, ..

Man who grows hibiscus on 10-acre land shares tips to make value-added products
Sweet fruits, short trees; Arka Kiran guava fetches Rs 120, farmers get Rs 60-70
Simple solutions to avoid gamboge in mangosteen
Chandran in his farm

Kozhikode farmer cultivates yam in soilless method, proves successful

Kozhikode: If anyone has questions on soilless farming, Cherukulathur native Chandran will show them his yam cultivation. He grows ..

Banana stalk cookies

Cookies from banana stem (Vazha pindi); Here's how!

The National Research Centre for Banana (NRCB) in Tiruchirappalli has developed a technology to convert banana stalk into flour and ..

Chilli plant

Ways to prevent leaf curl disease in chilli plants

Chilli plant is often infected with leaf curl disease which affects production. Leaf curl is a viral disease. Aphids and white flies ..


Farmer harvests 2400 kg cucumbers after trying agro-ecological farming method

Dharmasala (Kannur): An experimental farming venture based on the traditional Indian agro-ecological farming method proved successful ..

Breadfruit tree

How to tackle premature fruit drop in breadfruit tree

Breadfruit is a nutritious and delicious vegetable and is used to make a variety of dishes. However, the premature fruit drop is a ..


Using bees to ward off elephants; project to be implemented in Kerala too

New Delhi: The wild elephants that enter human inhabited areas will be thwarted with the help of honeybees. The RE-HAB (Reducing ..

Gooseberry candy

Gooseberry candy, fruit spread, millet bread; free technologies available at CFTRI

Farmers who want to make value added products from agricultural produce can know about latest technologies from the website of the ..


How to improve yield of drumstick tree?

Drumstick tree aka Moringa is a crop that has many peculiarities. The plant prefers summer and drought. It tries to reduce evaporation ..

Seedless watermelon

35 tonnes of seedless watermelon from 1 hectare land; stunning yield through precision farming

The Vegetable Science wing of Kerala Agricultural University planted watermelon in one hectare land and harvested 35 tonnes of fruits ..

Wire mesh tower

Potato can be grown without soil in limited space; know about wire mesh tower method

Cultivating potato in kitchen garden is not as hard as it sounds. Potato farming does not require much space and not even soil. We ..

Students using organic pesticide

Students develop organic pesticide to get rid of whiteflies from vegetable plants

Kanjirappally (Kottayam): A group of school students have developed an organic pesticide to get rid of whiteflies that attack vegetable ..

Grow bag farming

Grow bag farming: Things to remember to ensure good yield

As grow bag farming is a trend now, farmers have to be more careful about its drawbacks too. Cultivating same crop repeatedly can affect ..

Bulletless gun

Bulletless gun to get rid of wild boars from farms

Kodumon (Pathanamthitta): A new type of bulletless gun has been introduced to get rid of wild boars which cause headache for the ..


Hibiscus exported to over 20 countries; powdered dry flower fetches upto Rs 350

Though hibiscus or show flowers are very common in our gardens and compounds, very few people have identified its huge demand in the ..

Royal Karikku

Kozhikode duo's 'Royal Karikku' becomes a hit

Kochi: Amid the local tender coconuts, there is a ‘king’ wearing a robe and crown. The ‘Royal’ tender coconut ..

water apple

Champakka wasted on large scale; no scheme to make value added products

Cherupuzha (Kannur): Water apple trees (Champakka) can be commonly found in many households in the hilly range. Though the families ..

Edwin Agrocart

Man develops 'Edwin Agrocart' to help cardamom farmers during lockdown

Idukki: Kochera native Manu Joseph returned home from Bahrain after 15 years of expat life due to the COVID crisis. However, he did ..

Ash compost

How to make compost from ash?

The major challenge in organic farming method is the lack of potash. Every plant requires at least 50 grams of potash once a month ..

rooftop farming

Does your okra plant leaves have powder-like spots? Here is a remedy

Pattambi (Palakkad): The District Krishi Vigyan Kendra authorities have warned farmers to stay alert against powdery mildew plant disease ..


Papaya sap fetches profit; farming expanded to 250 acres in Kerala

Thrissur: After the papaya sap got huge demand in the market, papaya farming in Kerala has been expanded to over 250 acres of land ..

Chinese potato harvesting machine

Machine to harvest Chinese potato, turmeric, ginger introduced; saves labour charge, time

Peramangalam (Thrissur): An agricultural equipment to harvest Chinese potato has been introduced to the relief of farmers. The machine ..

Biofloc Fish Farming

Biofloc is the new trend in fish farming

Biofloc fish farming is setting a new trend in pisciculture industry. The modern method has been introduced in Aroor constituency in ..


Rambutan fails to bear fruits? Here are some tips

Rambutan is one of the fruits that has high demand in the market. It also fetches good price. However, some rambutan trees fail to ..

Passion fruit

Grow passion fruit, the high value fruit that fights lifestyle diseases

Passion fruit was once overlooked as a mere juicy fruit. However, as time passed, it has been given the title of a high value fruit ..

കാന്താരി കൃഷിചെയ്യാം
On cultivating Kanthari, the indigenous pepper chilli of Kerala
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