Actor Niranath Makayiram Krishna Prasad has proven his talent in not only as an actor, but also as a farmer. Presently a member of the Central Board of Film Certification, he has already been a part of more than 150 movies. He had been a member of Kerala Chalachitra Academy and Lalithakala Academy previously.

Krishna Prasad has his own stand not only in acting, but in life also. But he has no problem with those who accuse that his stand is biased.

The debut film of Krishna Prasad was ‘Moonnampakkam’ of Padmarajan. Later he also got a noted role in ‘Venal Kinavukal’ made by MT and Sethumadhavan duo. Krishna Prasad is one of the rare actors in Malayalam who got an opportunity to act with the eminent actor Sivaji Ganesan.

When the farmers themselves withdraw from paddy cultivation, Krishna Prasad, despite being an actor, decided to try his hand at agriculture in 2007. Later, he also received the state award for the best farmer.

As a member of the censor board, Krishna Prasad holds the opinion that if the board decides to cut scenes from some movies, there would be genuine reasons. Though nobody can question a person’s freedom of expression, it is better to avoid hurting others or causing any unnecessary controversies while making a film.

One should keep in mind that freedom of expression is for everyone. Some television programmes also should be censored. After becoming a member of the censor board, he has felt that the necessity of censoring has increased.

The so-called star dominance does not exist in cinema. As an art, cinema has become more close to the common people. In old days, the audience were able to see the film stars only in movies, whereas the stars keep intimacy with them nowadays.

There are a lot of people who have lost their wealth by producing films. But, the new age producers are not willing to suffer loss. Some of the best movies in Malayalam were shot within 15 days. But now a movie takes months to complete, said Krishna Prasad.

Such films may not be advantageous for the producers. Krishna Prasad tend to choose only serials, though it does not give any financial advantage. Krishna Prasad presently lives in Anchuvilakku in Changanassery, with his wife Rashmi and children Prarthana Krishna and Prapanja Krishna.