Bismi with her vertical kitchen garden

Many families find it hard to maintain a kitchen garden because of limited space. Houses are built in smaller plots or many families dwell in flats that have no ground to plant vegetables. But Kanjirappally Kunnumbhagam native Bismi Binu has proved that a rich kitchen garden can be reared even if there is a little space to spare for a flowerpot.

Bismi has successfully maintained a vegetable garden through vertical farming method which is suitable for smaller plots. She has got good yields from the vertical vegetable garden maintained in flowerpots.

How to make vertical garden

  • To make a vertical garden, an iron net is rolled in 3 feet height in the circumference of a flowerpot.
  • This roll is covered with green net to form a basket.
  • The basket is filled with soil and coconut husk and cow dung are added as fertilisers.
  • Crops are planted inside the basket so they can grow through the holes in the net.
  • Though the roll is made in the width of a flowerpot, about 30-40 saplings can be planted in it.
  • About 10-15 kg vegetables can be harvested from a single roll basket.

Bismi has planted many types of vegetables like onion, potato, beetroot, carrot and spinach in vertical farming method. Apart from growing vegetables for their home needs, she also sells the rest of the crops in organic vegetable markets and receives a small earning.

Bismi grows vegetables only in the courtyard. She is of the opinion that spatial limitation is not a barrier for kitchen garden, if you have a deep passion for agriculture. Vertical gardening is most suitable for terrace farming.

kitchen garden
Vertical kitchen garden

As the basket containing the soil and fertiliser is made of iron net and is fixed on a flowerpot, it will not cause any damage to the terrace. Bismi said that she adopted this method due to passion for agriculture.

In addition to the vertical farming, she has cultivated vegetables in grow bags also. Cabbage, long beans, Swiss chard, spinach, coriander and mint are grown in Bismi’s kitchen garden. The plants which require cold atmosphere are protected by putting plantain stem at the bottom of the saplings.

Also she is managing sale of various varieties of plants, medicinal herbs and vegetable saplings close to her house. Her husband Binu George and children Bibin, Minnu and Meenu also support her venture.