Giant granadilla
Aboobackar with the giant granadilla yielded in the terrace of his house

Venkitangu (Thrissur): A giant granadilla plant which is normally found in cold regions and hillside villages grew in the terrace of a house in Thrissur. The vine grew in the terrace of Padoor Idayanchira native Aboobackar’s house.

Aboobackar received the vine of giant granadilla, which is locally known as ‘Akasha Vellari’, while attending a meeting of Facebook Hope Meet. He started farming without any prior arrangements. Within three months of organic farming, the vine started bearing fruit. Thus he gave more focus on its cultivation.

Giant granadilla contains passiflorine, a medicinal property which prevents diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol. It also increases blood count and enhances skin health. One plant bears upto 70 fruits on it. The flowers of giant granadilla also give a visual treat for the viewers.