daily dairy
Milk bottle and ice bag. (Image: Facebook/Daily Dairy)

After completing B.Tech graduation in Computer Science from Rajagiri School of Engineering and Technology, Hafeez Ashraf worked in a software company for a while. But when the concerns about feeding children with the packed milk bought from shops affected his life too, Hafeez decided to take up a new career path. He formed a new company to collect and distribute fresh milk to households.

Hafeez lives at Pookkattupadi in Ernakulam district. He is fully content with switching his career from software engineering to milk supply. Also his family has a taste for agriculture and is giving him strong support. Hafeez’ company ‘Daily Dairy’ has already gained popularity in Kochi as the milk they offer is pure and fresh.

Fresh milk daily

One litre milk is priced Rs 64 and half a litre costs Rs 32 including the distribution charges. Some people buy milk on alternate days. Mothers who have young children are the main customers of Daily Dairy. They also express their gratefulness for providing fresh milk for children, Hafeez said.

Hafeez Ashraf
Hafeez Ashraf

Milk is distributed in special vehicles of Daily Dairy. Milk is delivered at households by 7 in the morning. A driver delivers milk to 250 households. Milk delivery time is between 2 am and 10 am. If they delivered milk to more number of houses than they are assigned, they will get an extra payment.

Mobile app for milk supply

Daily Dairy has also started a mobile application to let their customers easily access the details of milk supply. The customers can record the quantity and price of milk and their opinions about the service in the application.

Presently, milk is supplied in Aluva, Muttam, Companypady, Kalamassery, Edapal, Palarivattam, MG Road, High Court Junction, Tripunithura and Vyttila. If a satisfied customer adds more customers for Daily Dairy through recommendation, he/she will be provided 5 litres of milk for free in return.

Quality control

Daily Dairy buys milk from farmers only after visiting their farms directly and ensuring quality. They are not buying milk from hi-tech farms, but from farms that have 20-25 cows and people who rear only one or two cows.

daily dairy
Curd in mud pot. (Image: Facebook/Daily Dairy)

“Pasteurized milk need to be cooled down to 4 degree Celsius and this temperature should be maintained the same. In most cases, we get the packed milk after losing the effect of pasteurization.

But we keep the glass bottles in ice packed bags and it helps to sustain the temperature safely up to four hours,” said Hafeez.

Daily Dairy supplies milk in tempered glass bottles. The milk is sealed with aluminium foil before it is brought outside the company.

Flood impact on dairy farmers

“The dairy farmers had lost their livelihood in the flood havoc. They seem to approach me for a temporary job for survival. The milk supply from Nedumbassery and Perumbavoor had declined after the disaster.

We could not offer much help to those who lost their cattle in the flood. However, we have assured them that we are ready to buy milk from them if they could supply,” Hafeez told about the misery of dairy farmers who have no other means to live.

daily dairy
Turmeric Milk. (Image: Facebook/Daily Dairy)

Curd and Turmeric Milk

Daily Dairy also supplys fresh curd prepared in their company filled in mud pots. One litre curd is sold for Rs 92.

As the curd is supplied in mud pots, the natural smell and taste of curd can be preserved, they claimed.

Another product of the company is turmeric milk which is ideal for treating cholesterol and diabetes. The milk added with turmeric is rather expensive too.

Hafeez proves with his own life that the business venture started with an innovative idea brings him not only profit but peace of mind as well.