A housewife who confined herself inside her house to maintain her cactus garden for the past 10 years was finally crowned as the ‘Queen of Cactus’ in the VAIGA agriculture fest held in Thrissur.

Malappuram Tirur native Nisha Rani, wife of Siraj, stepped out of her house with her cactus plant collection and stunned the audience at the agriculture fest. She took her plants out for the first time to take part in the VAIGA fest.

Succulents, cacti and more

Nisha Rani grows more than 20 varieties of succulents, 30 plus varieties of cacti and seven types of flowering cacti. Her collection includes varieties which costs from Rs 300 to 5000 for the mother plant.

Image: Pixabay

Life for cactus

Nisha is so dedicated to the cactus garden so that she forgets even to have food at the right time. It is her children who prepare food for her. Nisha Rani has never stepped out of her house for about ten years and dedicated her life for maintenance of the cactus garden on their rooftop.

Watching her dedication, her elder son has developed a liking for cactus. He also manages an online shop named ‘Sea Plant Shop’ to sell the plants. Trichy native Azhakappan has been assisting Nisha in maintenance of the garden for the past five years.

Finally to fame

Nisha attended the agriculture fest complying with the advice of Tirur agricultural officer N. B. Surendran. After the fest concluded, Nisha has been receiving many inquiries about gardening, invitations for training and orders for cactus plants.

Image: Pixabay

The agricultural department and officers are planning to develop Nisha’s garden more professional. More cactus plants have been brought from Ooty and Pune. Nisha is on the effort to develop a unique variety through budding and grafting in a scientific way.

Nisha is ready to arrange soil, gravel and plants according to the choice of those who are interested. She has also plans to conduct training classes at her own garden in future.

Family with support

Her husband Siraj takes high interest in selecting cactus plants and to spend money for purchasing new varieties. They have spent lakhs of rupees for the maintenance of the cactus garden. Siraj, who runs a professional studio and photo copier shop, is interested in agriculture.

Though Nisha has received no professional training in cactus gardening, her life experience has made her an expert. For her, cactus gardening has become a homely affair.

Image: Pixabay