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Ottapalam: A group of farmers in Arikkode near Thrithala in Palakkad have chosen a different path in agriculture. They are cultivating different varieties of tuber crops following the traditional methods of farming.

Tuber crops like yam, taro, chinese potato, purple yam, sweet potato, and many other tuber varieties are available in plenty in this village. Majority of the farmers in Arikkode have chosen tubers as their main crop. It has been proved years ago that the soil in this place is suitable for tuber farming.

About 25 percent of the tuber harvested are sold within the village. They have no special irrigation systems. Arikkode is a place in the limit of Pattithara gram panchayat Krishi Bhavan. Pattithara Krishi Bhavan gives special consideration to cultivation.

It was the farmers of the previous generation who found that the soil in this place is ideal for tuber crops. The farmers proceed by combining both traditional and modern methods of agriculture. The major market of the farmers is the market in Ponnani opened in connection with the full moon day.