Thrissur: Now, farmers can till land with just the pressing of a button. A remote-controlled tiller machine will help farmers till the land for farming.

Agriculture Research Centre under Kerala Agriculture University in Thrissur has developed the remote-controlled tiller machine. The equipment, controlled through remote, is installed on the tiller machine.

The farmer can control the machine even by taking position 300 metres away. It can be turned to any side without much effort through the remote control.

The plough attached to the tiller can be moved to any direction through the remote controller. Speed of the machine can also be controlled with it.

A farmer can tillage 2 hectares of land by using the machine.

Battery installed on the machine will allow the user to start it using remote control. A remote unit is controlling the machine. Apart from hydraulic system, pressure through compressor will be collected in cylinder to operate the machine.

The machine was developed in a research programme sponsored by the Centre for Development Studies at Thiruvananthapuram.

A team led by Dr A Latha developed this user-friendly machine. Even women and differently abled people can use the machine easily.

The tiller machine was modified by installing an equipment to make accessible through remote controller. An amount of Rs 1 lakh was spent to modify the machine.

The new machine will be made available in the market soon.