Organic Farming

Simple steps to grow organic oranges at home

Orange is a delicious citrus fruit which is rich in Vitamin C. The juicy fruit is ..

rose apple
Grow rose apple for bumper harvest giving little care
Worm compost
Tips to make worm compost in flats
Coconut-buttermilk solution to prevent plant diseases, boost flowering

'Amrita Jalam' for crops to boost production

The soil has to be nourishing, air and water permeable and water absorbent in order to enhance productivity. Also presence of microbes ..


Sugar syrup for good yield of jackfruit

Though jackfruit trees grow well in some areas, fruit yield can be disappointing. In order to improve the fruit yield, we can try a ..


‘Communist Pacha’ can be used as effective manure

Some of the weeds which farmers consider as a curse can actually be a boon, if wisely utilized. Weeds can be turned into effective ..

haritha kashayam

Green decoction to get rid of pest menace

Attack of pests is the biggest menace faced by farmers. Insects tend to attack the plants for inhabiting, breeding, feeding and defending ..


'Vrikshayurveda' - The Ayurvedic treatment for plants

Just as Ayurveda treat human diseases, there is a science for plant life called ‘Vrikshayurveda’. The discipline deals ..


Apples ready for harvest in Kanthalloor

Marayur: Apple season arrived earlier than Neelakurinji blooming this year. Kanthalloor apples or better known as Thekkan Kashmir have ..

Drumstick leaves

Drumstick leaves extract as organic growth hormone for plants

When the plants in out gardens fail to flourish or bear fruit in the right time, most of us take resort to growth hormones. However, ..


How many dishes with a jackfruit, Deepasree says 42

For Kasargod Neerchal native Deepasree, jackfruit is king, whether ripe or raw. She prepares 42 dishes and says never waste anything ..

crown flower

Benefits of 'Erukkin poo'

Crown flower, which is commonly known as ‘Erukku’ in Malayalam, was considered a cursed plant because it grows in cemeteries ..


'Cadavers' to control worm pests in plantain farming

Plantain is one of the most commercially cultivated fruit crops in Kerala. The major threat faced by plantain farmers is the attack ..

Betel leaves

Do betel farming, earn easy income

Proper grooming of the betel plant for eight months would produce betel leaves. Almost Rs 1000 could be earned from 10 plants. Choose ..


Young men create history with high-yield farming

Cherayi (Ernakulam): Most of the young generation these days spent a lot of time exercising and grooming their body, while a group ..

reduviid bug

Reduviid bugs for pest control in vegetable, fruit farms

Reduviid bug or assassin bug, locally known as ‘Chenchazhi’, is a beneficial insect that controls pests like caterpillars ..

Inca peanut

Looks like star, tastes like peanut; Inca peanut is on trend

Inca peanut is a vine that has star-shaped berries on it. The plant is gaining popularity in Kerala due to benefits of its nut. Inca ..


Expat invests in organic farm; gains profit within 4 yrs

An expatriate has proved the effectiveness of organic farming by producing long beans, okra, cucumber, tubers, pineapple, plantain ..


Ever heard of ‘Phirangiladua’? Here's a chance to know

Padannakkad College of Agriculture is organizing a Malabar Mango Fest titled ‘Madhuram 18’ to introduce the different ..

Banana peel

Banana peel as a growth booster for plants

Banana peel is usually thrown away carelessly to the dust bin. In fact, banana peel can be used as a perfect manure for the kitchen ..

Solar light trap

Farmers approve of solar light trap for low-cost, eco-friendly pest control

Chittoor: A solar powered light trap has come to the rescue of farmers who have been searching for an easy and safe method to get rid ..


Rare pepper variety with high immunity, productivity found in Wayanad

Kalpetta: A rare variety of pepper, which was thought to have become extinct, was found from Manathavady. The pepper variety is known ..


These little farmers cultivate vegetables for their school meals

Idukki: Upholding the importance of organically-grown vegetables, a group of children from Chakkupallam St.Dominic LP School has taken ..


Rain shelter vegetable cultivation is not a herculean task, proves students

Idukki: When vegetable cultivation under rain shelter became popular, students also started to experiment this new method in agriculture ..


Wayanad farmers take Karnataka land on lease to produce organic vegetables

Sulthan Bathery: When vegetables sprayed with toxic pesticides became a major threat to public health, a group of farmers are focusing ..

red ginger

Paithal forest reddened by curved-stem ginger

Naduvil: Curved-stem ginger (Chempoovan Malayinji in local language) has painted the wilderness in red. The red coloured ginger ..


Cochin Flower Show to commence on Friday

Kochi: The 36th edition of the Cochin Flower Show will commence tomorrow. Organised by the Ernakulam District Agri-Horticulture Society, ..

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